Players only do what they're told

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All indications were that IUP to be dismantled by Cal U before its game last week. That didn't happen. As I watched the game, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. For one, Cal U's stadium is beautiful to look at. I

 just couldn't believe how good it looked, but I digress. Then, IUP was actually competetive. Not only were it competetive, it was soundly beating the Vulcans in literally every facet of the game. The Crimson Hawks were beating the Vulcans on offense, defense, special teams, turnovers, penalites and even coaching.

For the first time all season, IUP was outcoaching the opposition. IUP used an offesnive touchdown, a blcoked punt for a touchdown, a sack in the end zone for a safety to make Cal U seem disinterested and confused. The Hawks were up 15-0 midway through the third and it seemed as though we had a mammoth upset on our hands. Then something happened. The Crimson Hawks simply let up.

Against Edinboro, IUP got up 15-0. Instead of trying to score one more touchdown to put the game away, IUP chose to run the clock out and hope for the best. Since the running game was running on all possible cylinders, it worked.

The only problem with that plan against Cal U is that, the Vulcans are a much better team the Fighting Scots. Just as they were capable of doing, the Vulcans cameback and won in overtime 18-15. It wasn't as if IUP tried time after time to put them away and the Cal U defense just prevented that.

The Crimson Hawks stopped playing the Vulcans and started playing against the clock. Cal U was shocked that it gave IUP a win and it seemed it didn't want it, so Cal U said that they'll gladly take it back and they did.

I've said this a million times since this game: IUP had Cal U dead to rights.

They were done.


They didn't even want to be there. The coaches at IUP, however, once again put their players in a position they couldn't.

That's not the fault of the players, that's the fault of the coaches.

The players didn't make the decision to let up, they continued to play hard.

That was the decision of the coaches.

I'm no genius, but even I knew that plan was not going to work and if you're going to lose to someone, you lose guns blazing, not at the mercy of the clock or the inevitable comeback. If IUP scored one more point touchdown or kicked one more field goal, it would have won the game. No doubt in my mind.

But the coaches and their impeccable wisdom seemed to think that a 15-point lead against one of the best teams in the nation with a quarter and a half to go is enough to win. But what do I know? .

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that is so true..
they do whatever they are told..but everyone after all is concerned about their carrer
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