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My name is Vaughn Johnson. I am going to give readers an inside look at IUP sports. I spent two years as sports editor of IUP's student newspaper, The Penn, and established a number relationships and sources within the athletic department. I am currently the editor in chief of The Penn.

My promotion to editor in chief gave me so many responsibilities that I gave up all of my beats. But the more I tried to step back from reporting on athletics, like the drug that it is, it kept calling me back. I'm not ashamed to say that I am addicted. Since all of my beats have gone to people who could use the much-needed experience, I don't have much to report on until I decided to start a blog about the one thing I'm addicted to - covering sports.

My mission now with this blog is not just report the news and happenings, but to also give you my humble opinion on such subjects. I will not pull any punches. I am here for the readers and the readers only. The point of this blog is to let the fans of IUP athletics know what is really going on with their beloved Crimson Hawks no matter the sport.

I can give glowing praise or I can be the biggest cynic in the world, but I will only give that when it is warranted, when it is deserved. I will not speak out of hyperbole nor will I understate.

My mission is to not only give information, but to educate people on college sports, which is a completely different world unto itself. Ladies and gentleman, prepare yourself for the best seat in the house - Hawk Vision

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