Trailing Around Indiana

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After focusing on the different parks and lakes in Indiana in my previous entry, I think it is important that this entry focuses on something that relates to Indiana's parks and lakes - Indiana's trails.

There are always people riding their bikes on IUP's campus, and these people need to know that campus isn't the only place that they can exercise and enjoy some fresh air.

Ghost Town Trail, located at 1128 Blue Spruce Road, is the longest trail in the county, as it is 36 miles long.  The good thing about this trail is that it is open year-round.


 [Photo of the relaxing Ghost Town Trail. Courtesy

of the Indiana County Trail website.]


Ghost Town was selected Trail of the Month in June 2011.

This trail is open to hiking, bicycling and cross-country skiing.  There are multiple parking areas throughout, and most of them have restrooms.

There is not a specific preferable time in the year to be out on the trail, but the most popular months are May, June, September and October.  Usually, the busiest day is Sunday afternoon.

If you're wondering about the wildlife, the most common animals to see are deer, turkey and songbirds.

So, if you are tired of riding your bike around campus in the crowded rush of students, Ghost Town Trail is the perfect getaway.


The second popular trail is the Hoodlebug Trail, which is 10 miles long.


                              [Man biking on the Hoodlebug Trail. Courtesy

                              of the Indiana County Parks & Trails website.]


This trail follows the abandoned Indiana Branch of the Pennsylvania Railroad between the Homer City area and Indiana.

Similar to Ghost Town Trail, Hoodlebug Trail is open year-round and allows non-motorized activities such as bicycling, hiking and cross-country skiing.

This trail is perfect in the summer because a dense forest of trees line the trail and provides a fine canopy on hot summer days.


The Indiana County Parks & Trails website stated that efforts are well underway to link the trail system to the West Penn Trail and other trails within the region.

There are few other trails in Indiana, one of them being the Damsite Trail in Yellow Creek State Park.  

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People should read this because bikers on campus are so annoying and they need to know that there are actually pretty trails that they can go on!

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