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With the unexpected warm weather that Indiana has been experiencing, more and more people have been looking for an escape from the indoors. One of the most enjoyable escapes that students and Indiana residents have been venturing out to are Indiana's beautiful parks and lakes.

Blue Spruce Park is among the more popular parks to visit in Indiana.  Located at 1128 Blue Spruce Road, this park has many features necessary to enjoy a day outside.
For example, Blue Spruce Park contains four pavilions and two lodges that can enable gatherings with family and friends.  

Children would have a good time here as well because the park contains two playgrounds, a volleyball court and areas for games and sports.  Parents can let them play at the playground while they enjoy an amazing view of the lake.  

So, if you are tired of sitting in classrooms and really want a way to relax, this park would be a great option.

Yellow Creek State Park is another popular park to venture to on a beautiful day.  This park offers many activities such as picnicking, swimming, boating, fishing, hunting and hiking.


                           [Picture of the beautiful Yellow Creek State Park. 
                              Courtesy of a blog titled "Rambling On."]

Many picnic pavilions are available for rental, and this park even contains multiple grills for a fun cookout with family and friends!

Starting in late May, swimming will be available on the 800 ft. beach. The beach area contains a large bathhouse and a snack bar.

One of the most exciting aspects of Yellow Creek State Park is the boating opportunities.  People are allowed to rent motorboats, canoes, rowboats, paddle boats, pontoon boats and small sailboats.

IUP students will definitely enjoy renting boats simply for the fact that IUP valid iCard holders receive a 5 percent discount on boat rentals.  You can find the rest of the boat rental information here.

These are not the only parks available to enjoy a day out in the sun around Indiana.  Other parks include Mack ParkHemlock LakeMemorial Park and Pine Ridge Park.

So, get out of the indoors and enjoy this beautiful weather while you still can at one of these amazing parks!

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