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Community Service Hour Submission Reminder

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As we near the end of the academic year, please remember to complete and submit your service hours by the end of the semester.   Now is the time, prior to the end of semester chaos, to pick up those remaining hours and submit them online.  

If you have completed more than 60 hours, please submit them as well.  IUP competes nationally for recognition of its service and every hour helps.   The Honors College alone contributes approximately 15,000 hours of servce towards this goal every year.

Submit your hours online at 

Please contact Andi Bragiel with any questions you have about remaining hours due.

Volunteering is Hot Right Now - Catchafire

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Take a look at this innovative matching service that provides talented professionals with a connection to meaningful service.  The assumption is that unless volunteers use their skill sets or expertise, they may not find community service as appealing.  Catchafire is an online community service site that helps match professionals up with the best service for them.  Non-profits list with Catchafire with the hope of tapping into a wider net of committed talent.  This is the future of community service.

ALI Needs English Tutors

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The American Language Institute is looking for English language tutors. Through its ACE Tutoring program, our international students have the opportunity to learn English and its culture and improve their academic preparation to North American universities and colleges. Becoming an ACE tutor is an exciting way to meet people from other cultures, develop teaching skills, and contribute to the IUP community. ACE tutors may be eligible for volunteer or work-study (paid-work).

For the application, visit, find and complete the application form. Please submit to the ALI front desk (2nd floor in Eicher Hall, next to the Writing Center).

For more information, contact Dr. Steve Park, ACE Tutoring Supervisor at, or visit room 205 in Eicher Hall.

Thank you so much!!!

Seung Ku (Steve) Park, Ph.D
ACE ESL Lab Supervisor & ESL Instructor
American Language Institute
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Room 205, Eicher Hall
860 Grant St. Indiana, PA 15705
Tel. 724-357-7769
Fax. 724-357-5640

Global Impact Corps: Global Health Volunteer Abroad Opportunity

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Join Unite For Sight's Global Impact Corps for a hands-on, immersive global health experience.  A transformative volunteer abroad experience for students and professionals, Unite For Sight is renowned as the highest quality global health immersion and volunteer abroad program worldwide. Unite For Sight prides itself on offering the best global health experience for our volunteers, coupled with the highest quality healthcare delivery programs with our partners.

Locations of Year-Round Health Care Delivery: Ghana, Honduras, and India
(volunteer for 7 days, 15 days, 20 days, 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 10 weeks, or more)

Indiana Free Library Annual Fundraiser Needs HC Volunteers!

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Evening in the Stacks is the Indiana Library's major annual fundraiser.  The event is billed as "The Best Party in Town".  As such, we need student volunteers to help in the following ways:

Thursday evening, November 1 from 5 to 7 p.m - help move library furniture & computers out of the first floor of the library into temporary storage.

Friday evening, November 2 from 5:30 to 10 p.m. - perform the following functions: 1) coat check, 2) replenish serving trays with food, condense partially filled serving trays & remove empty serving trays,  3) continuously survey the premises picking up empty food & beverage containers and emptying waste baskets, 4) walk through the guests with trays of hord d'oeuvres etc. 5) clean up food area & wash serving trays, 6) help move library furniture & computers back to their regular location.

If you are interested in volunteering email Kevin Berezansky at

Upperclass HC Students Needed as Department Mentors

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Hello Kevin,

My name is Devin, I am one of the Department Mentors (ASM) in Northern Hall. I am going to be forming a study group for the building for residents to get help with their classes. I would like to have Mentors and Tutors present to help the residents with their classes. Could you send this e-mail to the upperclassmen in the Honors College? I'd like to have them help with this and we can give them community service hours for their aid. I will be holding a meeting with all prospective Mentors and Tutors on Saturday, September 22nd at 4PM in the fourth floor lounge of Northern to go over expectations and the group constitution.

Here is a list of the departments I would like a few mentors in each of the following departments:
- Math
- Sciences
- Psychology
- Safety Sciences
- Nursing

I would also like to have mentors from other departments to aid any resident who does not fall into these areas. I would like to have a nice mix of about 20 Mentors, if anyone is interested or has questions they can e-mail me at

Devin Gray

Opportunities for Service with RAINN

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RAINN: The Rape Abuse Incest National Network is the largest anti-sexual assault organization in the U.S. The Haven Project at IUP is sponsoring RAINN Day on Thursday, September 27, 2012.Last year's event was a HUGE success, and with your help, we anticipate an even better event in 2012! We are asking you to partner with us to raise awareness against sexual assault on our campus. To show our gratitude, we will be giving volunteers a RAINN Day t-shirt! There are four ways to help us:

The Lively Arts is hoping to increase our list of ushers this year for the Ovations! performances by touring artists (12 shows this season).  Ushering is a volunteer activity, but a terrific way for students to earn Community Service hours, add to their resume, and see all of the shows for free!

We run a very brief, informal "New Ushers" meeting prior to the first performance so that everyone is comfortable with their responsibilities.

If interested, please contact Karen L. Mathe, Performance Services Assistant for The Lively Arts by phone at 724-357-2547 or email at

Next Wednesday Workshop: CHC Community Service Program

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Community Service: September 7

  • How does community service differ from volunteerism, club involvement, performance, or
  • activities?
  • Why is sustained, meaningful community service an important aspect of my college
  • experience?
  • What resources exist that can aid me in my search for sustained, meaningful service?
  • What's an REU?

Kevin will walk you through the Cook Honors College concept of, requirements for, and

resources for finding and selecting meaningful sustained community service while in

college. Then, as per your schedule, attend the IUP community Service Fair between

noon and 3:00 p.m. in the Crimson Event Center-Folger.

Assignment: Submit a list of at least three organizations/agencies with which you

interacted, providing responses to the following questions:

  1. Do I find the goals and work of this organization meaningful?
  2. Can I commit in a sustained way over time?
  3. What skill sets will this provide that are important to my development or career?

Workshop Schedule

Summer Community Service Clarification

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Though the annual cycle of community service during the school year begins in September and runs though May, upperclassmen may still submit up to 30 hours of summer service towards the next school year's requirement.  Remember that summer service requires pre-approval and a signed letter or email from a service supervisor to verify upon completion.

You should not expect summer service to count retroactively for the previous school year.

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