Free to Students - 2012 Appalachian Studies Conference Presentations

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• John A. Williams--Appalachian State University and author of Appalachia: a History--on "Pennsylvania as Greater Appalachia: Historical Perspectives."  Friday, March 23, Noon-1:15, Eberly Auditorium.

• Robert F. Cahalan--Head of Climate and Radiation at NASA and a member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that shared the 2007 Nobel Prize with Al Gore--on "Appalachian Impacts of Global Warming: Reasons for Hope."  Friday, March 23, 1:30-2:45, Eberly Auditorium

• Susan M. Taffe Reed--University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, of Delaware Indian ancestry and from the Endless Mountains region of Appalachia--on "The Significance of Powwows to Native Americans in Pennsylvania's Appalachia."  Saturday, March 24, 9:45-10:45, Eberly Room 121.

• James Loewen--Catholic University and author of Sundown Towns: a Hidden Dimension of American Racism (2006) and the bestselling Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong (1996)--on "Uncovering Racist Sundown Towns in Appalachia and Beyond."  Saturday, March 24, 5:00-6:00, Eberly Auditorium.

An RSVP would be appreciated; just reply to this email and indicate which presentation you hope to attend.

Jim Cahalan
2012 Appalachian Studies Association Conference Program Chair

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