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Like most college students, I admit to not having the healthiest diet. Between work and school, I just don't have the time to cook myself a meal every day. I usually have to settle for fast food but that can grow boring very quickly. "It seems like there are only fast food places in Indiana," said Junior Communications major Ryan Bernat. "There's nowhere in town to get a good home cooked meal." I agreed with this statement until I was recently introduced to Chappy's Place along West Pike Road. The restaurant is located about five minutes outside of Indiana and seems to be a very well kept secret. The majority of the restaurants patrons seem to be older but that just may be because I visited on a Sunday afternoon. Chappy's serves everything from spaghetti to salads and have really large portions. I ordered a crispy chicken salad and was warmly greeted by the waiter. My food arrived quickly and most importantly of all, it was delicious. Has anyone ever been to Chappy's and if so, how did you like it?


Chappy's Place


2882 West Pike Road, Indiana, Pa 15701


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