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Eagles Soar Over Texans

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Bears Claw Away at the Eagles Defense

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 In a 31-26 loss, it should be said that the Eagles were simply out-played.

"We did not play to the best of our ability," said Eagles wide receiver Jeremy Maclin in a post-game interview.


This proved true of both the offense and the defense. While Michael Vick threw his first interception of the year, which the Bears greatly capitalized on, the defense seemed to miss many tackles and leave receivers wide open.

In a game with as much hype as this one produced, one would think that while playing another playoff contending team that you would want to make a statement. The Eagles seemed flat, with the exception of a few plays

With a minute and 48 seconds remaining in the game, Michael Vick threw a perfectly treaded ball to tight end Brent Celek for a 30-yard touchdown. This gave the Eagles some light but it was soon taken away.

The Eagles tried to make it more interesting with an onside-kick attempt by David Akers from the Philadelphia 30. Bears wide receiver Johnny Knox leaped and recovered the kick at the Eagles' 43 and came down to the turf before appearing to place the ball on the ground. An Eagles player then scooped up the loose ball.


The referee ruled that Knox had given himself up on the play by going to the ground and, with less than two minutes remaining, Andy Reid was unable to challenge.

The game was a real eye-opener. Things will definitely have to be changed for Thursday's game against the Houston Texans. We will see how the Eagles will respond with a short week to prepare.

Vick vs McNabb Part II

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In a huge division rivalry, the main focus of this game was Michael Vick vs. Donavan McNabb. In the first meeting this season, neither quarterback preformed well; however McNabb did walk away victorious.


Vick made it clear that he and the rest of the Eagles team had come to play on Monday night. Vick was in true form throwing for 333 yards and four touchdowns. He was 20 for 28 passing in the game and also ran the ball eight times for 80 yards and two more touchdowns.

Vick did have plenty of help as he spread the ball around a lot. The four of the touchdowns that Vick threw went to four different receivers and seven Eagles' players made at least one reception.

On the other side of the field, McNabb and the Redskins seemed to struggle the entire game.  McNabb went 17 for 31, throwing for almost 300 yards. He also threw for two touchdowns and three interceptions.

The game seemed as if it was going to be record-setting as the Eagles scored a remarkable 28 points in the first quarter. It was a complete devouring of division rival.

1 2 3 4 Tot
28 17 14 0 59
0 14 7 7 28

Vick's passer rating of 150.1 was the second straight perfect passer rating for the quarterback and it seemed to highlight the day. It also placed the Eagles back atop the National Football Conference East Division standings.

Eagles Week Four: Vick vs. McNabb

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Vick Leads Eagles to Week 3 Triumph

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When it was announced on Tuesday that Michael Vick was going to be starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, most fans were ecstatic to say the least. It came as a huge suprise though, as head coach Andy Reid had announced the day before that Kevin Kolb would have the start.

"I think his play has even exceeded expectations over the last two weeks," said Reid.

That could not be more true. Vick has gone 37/58 emassing 459 yards and four touchdowns in his first 6 quarters of play this season. He has also racked up 140 yards on 18 rushes.

Vick's passer rating of 105.5, which is fourth best in the NFL, is nearly double that of Kevin Kolb (56.3 passer rating).

So when gametime came around on Sunday, all eyes were following Michael Vick. That would be enough to make anybody nervous, let alone a new starting QB. Despite that, Vick remained cool and collected.

When asked if he was jittery about having the starting role again, Vick calmly replied, " When you first start, it's a different feel, a different atmosphere. You're on the road. Haven't started in four years, so it's all a part of the process you have to go through. And I think it's good to have butterflies in the beginning of the game, but once that ball is snapped and the game is on, then it's on for 60 minutes."

Well Vick showed he can talk the talk and walk the walk. In the 28-3 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, Vick threw the ball for 291 yards and three touchdowns. Vick also ran for 30 yards and another touchdown.

For the first time in his career, Vick does not have to worry about the entire team being carried on his back. He has many passing targets such as DeSean Jackson, who had five receptions for 153 yards and a touchdown; Jeremy Maclin, who had four receptions for 83 yards and two touchdowns; and Brent Celek, who had four receptions for 42 yards.

Vick also had two 40+ yard passes in a game for the first time in his career. While we are on career firsts, another one for Michael Vick occurred today. He has now had a passer rating of over 100 in three consecutive games.

This seems to be the begining of a new era. Michael Vick 2.0. He reamins comfortable on the field and is quickly taking this team, who many said would end the season with an 8-8 record, and turning them into serious playoff contenders.

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