Bears Claw Away at the Eagles Defense

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 In a 31-26 loss, it should be said that the Eagles were simply out-played.

"We did not play to the best of our ability," said Eagles wide receiver Jeremy Maclin in a post-game interview.


This proved true of both the offense and the defense. While Michael Vick threw his first interception of the year, which the Bears greatly capitalized on, the defense seemed to miss many tackles and leave receivers wide open.

In a game with as much hype as this one produced, one would think that while playing another playoff contending team that you would want to make a statement. The Eagles seemed flat, with the exception of a few plays

With a minute and 48 seconds remaining in the game, Michael Vick threw a perfectly treaded ball to tight end Brent Celek for a 30-yard touchdown. This gave the Eagles some light but it was soon taken away.

The Eagles tried to make it more interesting with an onside-kick attempt by David Akers from the Philadelphia 30. Bears wide receiver Johnny Knox leaped and recovered the kick at the Eagles' 43 and came down to the turf before appearing to place the ball on the ground. An Eagles player then scooped up the loose ball.


The referee ruled that Knox had given himself up on the play by going to the ground and, with less than two minutes remaining, Andy Reid was unable to challenge.

The game was a real eye-opener. Things will definitely have to be changed for Thursday's game against the Houston Texans. We will see how the Eagles will respond with a short week to prepare.

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