Top 4 eco-friendly gift ideas

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     The holiday season is once again upon us and there is one major thing on everyone's mind this time of the year: gifts. Whether you are still stuck on what to get you best friend, your mom, cousin, aunt or even something for yourself, I am going to give you my top four eco-friendly gift ideas.

#1: Ellie Pooh Paper
I discovered this fantastic brand of paper products a few years ago while on vacation. Ellie Pooh paper is made partially from elephant poop. Sounds gross, but it is an excellent alternative to regular paper. They carry so many great products including scrapbooks, stationary, greeting cards and even children's books. Check out their website for all the great environmental benefits of Ellie Pooh paper.

#2. Simple shoes
I discussed Simple shoes in an earlier entry on my blog, but think that they would make for a great holiday gift. Simple shoes has a wide variety of choices for men, women and children and they also make handbags. All of their products are made from simple, eco-friendly materials.

#3. Food
Food is the ultimate eco-friendly gift to me. Whether you bake cookies or get a basket full of tea for someone, it is a simple, usable gift. When you don't know what to get, get food because you know that it will be used.

#4. Reusable shopping bags
Everyone can use some of these. They are great for more than just groceries. An added bonus: they are cheap and easy to find. Also try putting your gift for someone in one of these instead of wrapping it or putting it in a paper gift bags.

     So, there you go. A simple guide for eco-friendly holiday gift ideas. I hope that you use some of these. Happy Holidays!

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