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Photos taken by me, in June, 2010, on the Hoodlebug trail.

Hello everyone! We have had some rainy, gray weather in Indiana this week. Today, however, was sunny and beautiful which inspires my blog entry today. Instead of telling you what you can do for the environment, I am going to tell you what the environment can do for you.

After a long day of classes and work, there is nothing I like better than to take a long walk. Walking around campus is great, but I do that all day anyway. Lucky for us in Indiana, there are many parks and trails around the area to enjoy. Located within walking distance from campus, the Hoodlebug trail is my favorite. The 10 mile long trail is a picturesque gem, lined with trees and streams. If you are looking for a great escape from the crazy life on campus, hop onto this trail for a relaxing walk, run or bike ride. hoodlebug2.jpgThe trail holds some rich Indiana history as well. The Indiana branch of the Pennsylvania Railroad system was built in the 1850's and the trail follows that now abandoned railway. According to the Indiana Parks and Trails website, Hoodlebug was the local nickname for the passenger coach that ran along the railway until 1940. The name carried through to the trail.

          From campus, you can walk to the trail by following the walking path to Robertshaw. From there, you have to cross Rose Street and enter the trail right by Hoss's.

          There are several picnic tables and pavilions along the trail, so on nice days it is great to grab some friends and walk to one for a picnic. There are also benches along the way in case you need to stop for a water break.

          The Hoodlebug trail is mainly flat, with only small hills and bumps along the way. The views along the trail are gorgeous, especially around sunset. Autumn is a great time to take advantage of the trail because of all the yellow, red and orange foliage.

          There are other parks and trails to use in Indiana as well. Blue Spruce Park offers hiking trails, a volleyball court and picnic pavilions and is an approximate 15 minute drive from campus. The Ghost Town Trail, another great place to run, walk or bike, is an approximate 35 minute drive from campus.

          So, the next time you are looking to do something good for you, take a trip over to the Hoodlebug trail. If you want to enjoy nature on a nice day, let out some stress or just escape from college for a bit, the Hoodlebug is the place to go.






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