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In this blog I almost forgot to talk about my classes. You know that I'm a Journalism major student. My Online Journalism teacher, David Loomis, asked us to do a Mobile journalism assignment. We had to attend an event and write an article in real time using phone, camera, video camera and handheld recorder. Everything we need to do go reporting. I decided to attend the IUP basketball game, Saturday 11, at 7:30 in the Memorial Field house on campus. Saturday and Sunday was the Indiana Regional Medical Center Holiday Classic, a kind of tournament between four teams- Central State, Edinboro, Urbana Blue Knight and IUP.

To do this MoJo assignment, we were supposed to send short report on our Twitter account with our phone. I was really excited to attend this game since IUO team is a good team and there is always a good ambiance for our home games. But this time I could chill with my friend but stay focus on the game and the atmosphere around and type on phone everything I could say about it.

The first game was Edinboro versus Urbana. Few people were there to watch this game. Around 7:15, most of the students started to full in the gym. The IUP game versus Central State was going to start late, but it didn't seem to annoy the fans there. When the players came on the field, the IUP stand was almost full.


                                                                                          End of the warm up. Picture by Laurie Ajavon


The cheerleaders with their pink shirt to help breast cancer, the usual IUP basketball fans and I, with my phone in a hand and my camera in the other hand; everybody was ready to cheer our team. 


                                                                     Cheerlearders wearing pink shirt to support fight against Breast cancer. Picture by Laurie Ajavon


The IUP players dominated the first part of the game despite a lot of mistakes. They lost stupidly the ball times and missed to score a basket too many but we can see that obviously our team was better than their opponents. The IUP #3, Kevin Steward was everywhere on the field. At the halftime, our team was winning 45-29.



basketball game.jpg








basketball game.jpg

                                                                                  Pictures during the second half of the game. Last picture: player "fighting" to win. Picture by Laurie Ajavon


The second was at the same time more interesting and irritating to watch for the Crimson Hawks fans. But in the stands, a lot of people left. When they went out of their locker rooms, The IUP players kept doing miss to score a baskets and loosing the ball allowing Central State to move up their score. At 11:58 of game, the score was 59-50. We could feel a lot of tension between the players.

 basketball game.jpg

basketball game.jpg








        Coach Lombardi and Central State's coach stressed out. Picture by Laurie Ajavon


Even the coaches looked stressed out. Joe Lombardi could be restless. The last minutes of game were very tense; both team wanting to win. Darryl Webb and his team-mates who were commiting a lot of mistakes seeing their opponents scored started to give everything to keep the victory. Finally our team beating Central state. The team didn't show his best during this game but it was the better this weekend winning its other game against Urbana 87-63 the day after. My Mojo wasn't really easy to do since I was suppose to type and watch the game at the same time but it was interesting to do. It was funny to be a sport commentator.

end of the game.bmp

                                                                                                                  End of the game; IUP won. Picture by Laurie Ajavon


Tell me: what did you think about the Saturday game?

 And you my online journalism classmate, what di you think about your Mojo assignment?

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