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WARNING: If you hate Thanksgiving and holiday's family spirit or people who love it don't read my article!

Like almost every American students, I couldn't wait for Thanksgiving to come. First because it means a week of break and second, because I will celebrate my first Thanksgiving. Yes, another thing that we don't celebrate in France! The only things I knew about it were what I saw in movies: A celebration to gather family around the enormous dinner and its incontrovertible Turkey and to be thankful for what we have; that's all.























Thanksgiving meal. Google and Bing Image.


I discovered that it was celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November each year and that it was ways to give thanks to God for helping the Pilgrims of Plymouth Colony survive their first brutal winter in New England.

A lot of people were surprised by the fact that we don't celebrate it in France. Thanksgiving is not a worldwide celebration. The only countries which celebrate it are The United States; Canada; Grenada, a West Indian island; The Netherlands; Liberia, an African country and Norfolk Island, an Australian external territory. In all these countries, Thanksgiving is celebrated at different days and in different ways.

Contrary to the other students I don't have my family here. So, I spent my break in Pocono Mountain, Pa in one of my friends' family.



                                                                                                      Mont Pocono.

The day before Thanksgiving, her parents spent the night cooking the meal: green bean, turkey, chicken, rice, sweet potatoes... The nice smell of all this good food in the house was a good first step to immerse myself in the Thanksgiving ambiance. Her brothers, sister, nieces and her uncle came during the night. It was so pleasant to be in a house full of people, to feel again how it is to be in a family house and sharing this day with them.

The D-day morning, I was awake by the effervescence of a house full of people; it feels so good. It reminded me my own house during Christmas. The most amazing was the unexpected guest: the snow, like in movies. It snowed only this day. Kids were watching the parade on television and parents in the kitchen putting the finishing touches on the meal. Later, we finally ate. It was so good; too much things to eat and not enough room in my stomach. We spent the rest of the day watching the football game between the Dallas Cowboys and the New Orleans Saints and Disney's classic cartoons.




                                                                                                                          Thanksgiving's family dinner. Google image



I really enjoyed my first Thanksgiving. It made me think about the importance of family but also made me be thankful for being here to discover all these things.  

For all who were with their family and people they love, I really hope you enjoy your luck.


And you, what are you thankful for this year?

What is your favorite moment during this day?



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Wow, I thought it was specifically a North American holiday... who would have thought so many other places around the world celebrate it? As a fellow Thanksgiving lover, I appreciate your enthusiasm!

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