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This week I decided to honor the IUP women's volleyball team since the university doesn't really do it. I have to admit that I wasn't very interested by watching one of their games, until one of my friends tells me that these girls played very well and that their games were interesting. So Saturday, Nov. 7, 2010, I decided to watch their final home game against Edinboro, in the Field House. I was really surprised to discover that the only stand opened was almost full. My friend told me that, unfortunately, it wasn't the same every time. She explained me that first, it was the family weekend and then, that a lot of students were there only because they will have some advantages for their classes by attending this game- like extra credits. The only thing that they had to do was to sign a paper in front of the doors. It's the reason why half of them left at the halftime.

 iup volley.jpg

                                                             IUP women's volleyball team. Picture from iupathletics.com. Another reason for you guys to watch their games... 


Before the game, three seniors, Chelsey Kreinbrook, Emily Pany and Jessica Bodkin, were honored.

As my friend told me, the game was very intense. Both teams really wanted to win. I was really into the game, cheering them with their few faithful supporters, shirtless and wearing placards with IUP colors. Unfortunately, they lost 3-0- they lost the three sets 20-25, 19-25, 23-25. Both of the teams were, for me, at the same level. The first set, IUP team was too nice; it's only at the second and third sets that they started to be more aggressive. We could see more desire to restore normality and win the game. They dominated the third set thanks to a real aggressive number 17, Jessica Bodkin, and a determinative number 13, Emily Pany, but a lot of miscommunications and a bad dispersion on the court at each set make them lost these few points they needed. They were always in front of the net leaving room in the back for their opponents to score. Edinboro's players had a very good defense and did a good digging work -action to prevent the ball from touching one's court after a spike or attack, particularly a ball that is nearly touching the ground.










IUP games. Jessica Bodkin blocking the ball and Emily Pany digging. Picture from iupathletics.com

Despite the score, I wasn't disappointed at all to have been there. It's was a really good game. I don't understand why, with the good team that we have, their games are not more advertised and why the gymnase is almost empty. If you don't go often to the Field House, you can't see a lot of poster for their games whereas football or basket ball ones have a good coverage. Alex Patterson, a student in Regional planning major, who attended to the game, thinks the same: "The volleyball game was more entertaining than I expected. I was surprised by the athleticism some of those girls showed because when you look at them they don't look like they would be able to do some of the things they did."

When I asked him, why, according to him, people don't watch their games, he answered: "It's not advertised like other sports. Moreover, with football and basketball, you know that the games are every week. Because there are so many of them, people don't feel guilty if they miss one; they can go to the next one."

As an IUP student- athlete, I feel bad for them. If we have a track meet in IUP I wish a lot of students will come to cheer us; that's why I decided to watch as many sport event as I can. I think that all the IUP athletes should do the same.

Can you help me to answer this question:

A lot of students are wearing IUP shirts or pants, if they really like the university, explain me why they don't go and cheer our teams when they play at home?

And you, have ever attend an IUP sport event? (except football or basketball)

And if no, why?


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Good question! I attended the IUP Girls volleyball game against Mercyhurst. I wish I could say I went because they deserve the audience but I had to go for ROTC. I don't know why our school spirit is so bad!!

Thanks for writing this....I see as many volleyball games as I can. I fly from California to watch. (the coach is my son) He has done a terrific job in bringing this team up in the competition. The atheletes work hard long hours and keep their grades high and winning for them is important.

It is a very active competitive sport and more IUP students should see how much skill it does take to get to this level. If you are at a match and see halftime where the audience tries to serve over the net for a prize you can see that only a few make it.

Keep going to the games and get the word out. The team does charity events/tournaments in the spring also.

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