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It was the event that a lot of people were waiting for last week and to tell the truth I was one of these. The R&B group... no sorry they don't want to be call like this anymore, the vocal group Boyz II Men came to IUP to celebrate their 20 years of music and their 60 million recordings sold, in Fisher Auditorium Friday, November 12 at 8pm. I had already attended one of their concert in France. I wanted to see how different they are from a country to another and what and how their audience looks like America.


                                                                                                                                                                                                  Boyz   II Men. Picture from


A crowded of people well dressed- some students were wearing old fashion clothes like pink or orange shirts with suspenders, with white pointed shoes- packeded in front of the doors of the IUP auditorium to recollect all the songs that we listened to during the 90s: "I'll Make Love to You", "A Song for Mama", "End of the Road" or "Bended Knee"... I was really surprised to discover an auditorium with so many different people. Students, parents, teachers, coaches, simple Indiana citizens, young, old, white and black; everybody was gathered for the Philadelphia group.

When the first notes of the songs' medley started, everybody was already singing. When they appeared on stage, it was just crazy. People were screaming, some standing up. Although they are only three now-Wanya Morris, Nathan Morris, Shawn Stockman. Michael McCary left the group in 2003 due to health issues- and older, the group succeeded to give their fans the same emotions as before. During the night, they went on with their old songs, songs from their album "Motown: A Journey Through Hittsville USA" and cover versions of other artists' songs.

Watch the video



Boyz II Men.JPG

Miniature de l'image pour 154348_503594162361_126000120_30042054_118112_n[1].jpg




155858_457634226948_599341948_6020434_3961440_n.jpg                                                                                                                                      Boyz II Men setting Fisher Auditorium on fire. Pictures by Laurie Ajavon and jhana Jones. 


The big moments of the night were, first of all, when they sent flowers in the audience on the song "Bended Knee". All the girls ran in front of the stage reaching out to receive their rose like bachelorette contestants. The singers were perfect in their charmer role. The other one was at the end; the curtain call was a real explosion. Fisher Auditorium transformed itself to a dance floor when the group came back on stage to sing a last energetic song. The front of the stage was crowded. People were dancing and singing, trying to touch the hand of one of the singers, with a hand and taking pictures or videos with the other. On stage, Wanya, Nathan and Shawn were overexcited, doing their best 90s dance steps.


149672_503594282121_126000120_30042066_1001499_n[1].jpg                                                 Miniature de l'image pour 76790_503594601481_126000120_30042098_2151310_n[1].jpg                                               









                                            Boyz II Men throwing flowers in the audience, dancing and singing and Motown songs and the final. Pictures by Laurie Ajavon and Jhana Jones.


It was a real good concert between emotion and energy. Everybody I have met at the end told me they liked it, even Lee Vest, the journalism department secretary.


Some people could meet them at the end of the concert paying $24. So, if you were one of these lucky, tell me if they were as nice as they looked like on stage.

I couldn't find a person who hated the concert, so if you do, tell me why.

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thank you Laurie for this revival of the lovely 90s, it brings back great memories!! I wish I was there to see that and get my own rose! ;) Hope you got one!? Btw I definitely think that you'll have to be very patient to find someone who hated this concert!

Ca avait l'air génial raconté comme ça! Je suis presque triste de ne pas avoir été de la partie. Que cela reste gravé dans la mémoire des "IUP-iens"

Hi girlie!!!!

I love the way you see things on your blog!!you ar real its the truth!!! Well Now in the same continent again, so we should meet up sometimes!!!!


Gotta love shuffle!! Boyz II men followed by Bon jovi then the temper trap & mystery jets then stone roses!! And breathe!!

I enjoy people that who blog regularly, its definitely really difficult to gather all sort of understanding any other way. Incredible work.

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