"Work hard, practice hard and compete hard or you might as well just go home"

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"The best way to understand something is to ask questions." ThiMiniature de l'image pour Miniature de l'image pour Miniature de l'image pour Miniature de l'image pour Miniature de l'image pour Miniature de l'image pour Miniature de l'image pour Liz Tepsic high jumps is my journalistic motto. So, in a way to better understand American people's sportsmanship, competitive spirit and, as usual, make you know a IUP student, I interviewed one of my teammates. Her name is Elizabeth "Liz" Tepsic. She is 21 and her major is Finance. She practices Track and Field for five years. I chose her because she is the one among us who does the hardest workouts since she is heptathlete (she does seven Track and field events).


Why did you choose to practice Track and Field?

I played basketball for 12 years of my life and I already knew my potential in it.  Track was new to me and for as little time I spent with it, I was curious to see how well I could do. I like that your performance is solely based upon you, unless you participate in a relay.  Also, being a heptathlete, I have had the opportunity to learn a little bit about each event in track. Track is very diverse and that's what makes it exciting.

What are your goals for this year and after you graduate?

I am currently finishing up my senior year in track.  My goals are to win Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference (PSACs) in the pentathlon-five events- and heptathlon. I would also like to take a trip to the national's championships. I currently have no future plans with track and field other than maybe to one day help coach. I'm not sure that I will practice after I graduate, however I do wish to run on my own and pass on my knowledge in the sport to other athletes.

What does being an athlete mean to you?

I love being an athlete. It brings a sense of pride and accomplishment to my life.  I have learned hard work, competitiveness, patience, courage, determination, team work, and many other traits along the way.  These all apply in real life situations and give me an edge on other people. I have learned great communication, teamwork, and time management skills. I have also learned how to maintain a healthy life style.

What do mean, for you, shirts entitled "Go Hard or Go Home"?

It means you either work hard, practice hard or compete hard or you might as well just go home. I feel the only way to win or get any better is to constantly work hard. Otherwise, you are not living up to your full potential.  Making shirts like these let other people know that you are serious and are planning to bring your "A" game.

Why should people do a sport?

 It is character building and teaches you to work with other people as well as learning time management.

What can you say to people who don't do a sport?

 Try it out. You never know if you can be good enough until you try.  If it is not your thing, try to get involved through clubs and organizations on campus.  In the meantime, go to the gym a few days a week and work out to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

*Picture of Liz Tepzic high jumping during the Pennsylvania championship (PSACS). Picture from PSAC's photographer.

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Interesting point of view, thank you for sharing it.

It is indeed a hard discipline. I'm so amazed by the people who practice this sport.

Insightful piece, thanks for spending the time to put it together. I like the direction you are taking your blog. Im bookmarking your blog in order to keep up down the road. Looking forward to more posts soon.

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