"Dad, Mum, don't worry, I'm ok!"

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This is what I would have said after to my parents if I would have told them what how my homecoming weekend was.

But you need to know why. Just after I come here, a report entitled "Alcohol, Pompom girls, hazin: the American campus' secrets" was broadcasted on French television. It explained that alcoholism rates were very high in the US campus and that students partied every night. My parents called me the day after to tell me to not drink too much, always keep an eye on my glass and to not try to be in a sorority because they would try to make drink a lot... I know, it is cliché, but it's the image that foreigners have of American universities. Now that I'm here, I can say that it's not true; students don't spend their time partying and drinking and streets are not full of drunk people during the weekend... except during homecoming weekend.                                                            

I'm going to tell you my first Homecoming in IUP.


Everybody was overexcited by this weekend. A lot of former students, students' families and friends will come just for this weekend. A lot of my friends on Facebook have put a comment about it. The only ones who didn't really care about Homecoming were teachers. Yeah, I say that because it's like they all decided to bother us by putting mid-term exams the week after. So I had to organize myself and think about what I will skip over. I decided to do my homework all the Saturday morning and be ready for the football. So, yes, I missed the parade as I missed Jason Derulo's concert the night before for the same reason -but I have to admit that both of them were not really my thing.

Miniature de l'image pour Miniature de l'image pour Miniature de l'image pour Jason derulo

                                                                                                                                                                                       Jason Derulo's concert in IUP by Shannon Furdack    


So, at 2 pm, I went to watch the football game. The weather was just perfect and everybody was in the stadium to enjoy the day. It' was a great game- ok I don't really understand the rules but I know that IUP team played very well. Unfortunately we lost by a point, but it didn't seem to change the mood of all the people there.

 Miniature de l'image pour Miniature de l'image pour Miniature de l'image pour Iup cheerleadersMiniature de l'image pour Miniature de l'image pour Miniature de l'image pour DSCN6355.JPGMiniature de l'image pour tribunes.jpg

 IUP football game, IUP cheerleaders during the game, Fans with Norm.  Pictures by Laurie Ajavon  


The game over, I went grab free food at brotherhood' stands and it was time to go to the HUB for the show "Rock the mic".  After a long wait, in front of the door of Ohio Room and then a long wait in Ohio room- this time it was more pleasant because it was punctuated by a very good DJ-, the fashion "Pre-Show" started. I could see the ugliest tatoo's contest-the laureate won $100- and the funniest reincarnation of the rapper Queen Latifah.  After another long wait, we could finally laugh at the Comedy Central comic, Deon Cole's jokes. I have to admit that it was a black people targeted show- 90 percent of the audience there- but everybody can laugh about everything. The funniest thing was to see two white girls at the first row really serious all the show long as if they were bored.

Even Cole tried to understand why they stayed there if they didn't like the show and make them laugh...but it was a failure.

At midnight, I and my friends decided to go to the Underground, a club in Philadelphia streets. The street was just overcrowded. In front of every bar, there were lines; no exception for the Underground. The half of people in the street was drunk. It was a party mood and at the same time, I could feel that it didn't take much to provoke a fight.                 


                                                                                                                                               Dean Cole at the HUB. Picture from jazz and jokes.com

I met a lot of people that I see every day on campus who came talk to me for the first time, asking me if I was a student of IUP. Alcohol and its effects... Since we were not there to drink and even less to fight, we decided to find some food and walk back. There was a line even in front of Sheetz. I was speaking about fight, no? During the wait, I witnessed a fight which finally became a guy getting a beating by three others and a pursuit race on foot with the police. We grab our food and finally thought that it was time for us to go back in our house.

You understand now why I can tell this story to my parents?

And you, could you tell your parents what you did during homecoming?





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