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Last time, I was in the Foster building's cafeteria eating French fries and a hamburger when I started daydreaming about croissants, gratin dauphinois, saucissons, baguette, crepes... You don't know what it is? Just watch.

pains.jpgCREPES.jpg viennoiserie.jpgCHARCUTERIE.jpgGRATIN.jpgviennoiserie.jpg

Bread,Chocolate crepes, Viennese pastries, cooked meals, gratin "dauphinois" and cakes taken from Google images

France is known worldwide for its gastronomy, its wines, its chefs and its famous restaurants. The United States are, as my French Facebook contacts reminded me when I asked, mostly known for their fast foods, donuts and their hotdogs. So I think you can understand how I can miss French food, the fact to go to the bakery between my courses or to buy a nutella crepe while chilling in Paris' streets with my friends during the weekend.

Miniature de l'image pour Miniature de l'image pour crepes.jpg                                                                                        My favorite sin. Picture from Simon Lau's blog


I asked a lot of Americans what they thought about when I say "French food". I heard frog, snail, oyster and inevitably French fries. I thought it was a good occasion to break some cliché about France and food. Yes, in France we eat frogs and snails but it's only few people and it's not a daily course. Like you, eating snail makes me sick. I tried oyster and, honestly, it tastes like seawater. I didn't try frog but one of my friends told me it tastes good; it's just meat. You also have to know that originally, French fries are not a French specialty. They come from Belgium. And the last but not the least cliché is the one I saw in most of the movies about France or with a French character. Sorry, but we don't always wear a beret even when we go to the bakery! And nobody play accordion in the streets- ok, for the last one, it happened sometimes, during the weekend, down below the building where I used to live.

 Miniature de l'image pour CLICHE.jpg

                                                                         The French redneck with his baguette, his cigarette and his beret by google images.


I didn't know if it was a good idea to see of these pictures and to talk about food since, I was just more frustrated!  So I searched French restaurants and bakeries in Indiana. The only one  which catch up the most with a French restaurant was The Grapevine in Wayne Avenue which proposes some French gratinee, so I searched in the whole Pennsylvania's state.  These are, for me, the best addresses I could find:

-Pari Café Creperie in Philadelphia  

-La Gourmandine in Pittsburgh

-Le café de Amis in Sewickley


If you don't want go to these places- because you don't have enough money or because it's to far- but you want to discover French food, I found the perfect blog for you on French food. Rebecca Franklin will be your French food guide and give you the best recipes.


So, if you go to these places before me,

if you have already eaten there

or if you know others French restaurants or bakery, please leave me a comment because, now JAI FAIM!!! (I'm hungry). 

You can also tell me if you tried these recipes.

I'm definitely going to make some.

Bon appétit!!*

*French expression to wish a great meal to a person who is going to eat.

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Laurie, this food looks so good! Too bad Indiana doesn't have more options :( I got excited about the one restaurant in Sewickly, but the link doesn't appear to be working. I google searched it and found the url: Maybe that will work better?

When I think of French food, I think decadent pastries and French toast (which may not be french at all.)
Unfortunately, I am a very picky eater. All of my friends complain that I am so hard to please when it is time to decide where to eat, but I think I should experiment.
I live outside of Pittburgh, so I will definitely look up those restaurants and try something new for a change.

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nutella crepe: you definitively caught my attention!! As French we are lucky and this is a pretty cool reminder! good choice with the pictures: they are really "apétissante" ^^ I hope one day I'll taste US French food, I think I'd try The Grapevine, hoping to eat while listening to Marvin maybe! ;)

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