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                In a way to feel a little bit less alone and for you to have another point of view and discover another international student, I interviewed a student from Taiwan that I met in the cafeteria. Her name is Yu- Tung Lee, she is a junior in English major here but in a multicultural and linguistic major in Taiwan.


 Why did you come to United States?  Why IUP?

I have to study abroad; it's the policy of my university in Taiwan. All students have to study abroad when they are junior student. And, I choose IUP is because IUP has the cooperation relationship with my school in Taiwan and compare to other universities in California I think IUP is cheaper. I came here in August with my classmates and some students who study at the same university as me.

How did American people welcome you? Miniature de l'image pour taiwan.gif

I think American people are nice. People in school always help me a lot. I have American friends too, some of them are my classmates and some others are from church.

What are your daily main difficulties here? (work, money, insurance, language, housing, relationship...)

The cost of living in the States, compared to Taiwan, is much more expensive, it is a difficult lifestyle to lead here. Sometimes it is also hard to express what I want to say in English. In  class, sometimes I can't understand what the professor and classmates are talking about. Sometimes, I don't understand some film we watch in class since it is without subtitle.

What do you do to improve your English?

 Read more English articles and use more English in my life.


Does the university help you in your every day life issues?

Yes, it does. If I have any problem I can ask the CA to help me since I live in campus. They are nice.

How long are you going to stay in United States/IUP?

I only can stay in USA for one year it's the duration of my visa. I also have to go back to Taiwan to finish my school.

How different are American students compared to Taiwaneses ones? 

The American students always go to class every early. They are seldom late to class. They always answer the questions in class. In my home country, the students are always late and we don't like to answer questions in class.

 Miniature de l'image pour taiwan_taipei-101.jpg

National Taiwan University in Taipei city. Picture from Google image

How do you find life in Indiana? How do you feel here?

I think the life here is good but the place is too big for me. The stores close so early. But I think I adjusted the life here very well.  I fell well. I think the life in IUP is interesting. I came here with many Taiwanese students so I don't feel alone.

 Do you feel any homesickness? What do you miss?

Yes, i do. Sometimes I miss my family but I talk to them everyday through Skype. I also miss the food in Taiwan.

Do you participate to any IUP's event (sport, concert, association event...)?

No, I don't but I would like to join some sport steam.

What would you like to say to the other students about international student?

I would like to say that being an international student is difficult but interesting.

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you revealed some superb points in your post, I was confused about a couple of things at 1st but it makes sense now, regards

This is an awesome post. Thanks for sharing this stuff with us.

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