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In this blog I almost forgot to talk about my classes. You know that I'm a Journalism major student. My Online Journalism teacher, David Loomis, asked us to do a Mobile journalism assignment. We had to attend an event and write an article in real time using phone, camera, video camera and handheld recorder. Everything we need to do go reporting. I decided to attend the IUP basketball game, Saturday 11, at 7:30 in the Memorial Field house on campus. Saturday and Sunday was the Indiana Regional Medical Center Holiday Classic, a kind of tournament between four teams- Central State, Edinboro, Urbana Blue Knight and IUP.

To do this MoJo assignment, we were supposed to send short report on our Twitter account with our phone. I was really excited to attend this game since IUO team is a good team and there is always a good ambiance for our home games. But this time I could chill with my friend but stay focus on the game and the atmosphere around and type on phone everything I could say about it.

The first game was Edinboro versus Urbana. Few people were there to watch this game. Around 7:15, most of the students started to full in the gym. The IUP game versus Central State was going to start late, but it didn't seem to annoy the fans there. When the players came on the field, the IUP stand was almost full.


                                                                                          End of the warm up. Picture by Laurie Ajavon


The cheerleaders with their pink shirt to help breast cancer, the usual IUP basketball fans and I, with my phone in a hand and my camera in the other hand; everybody was ready to cheer our team. 


                                                                     Cheerlearders wearing pink shirt to support fight against Breast cancer. Picture by Laurie Ajavon


The IUP players dominated the first part of the game despite a lot of mistakes. They lost stupidly the ball times and missed to score a basket too many but we can see that obviously our team was better than their opponents. The IUP #3, Kevin Steward was everywhere on the field. At the halftime, our team was winning 45-29.



basketball game.jpg








basketball game.jpg

                                                                                  Pictures during the second half of the game. Last picture: player "fighting" to win. Picture by Laurie Ajavon


The second was at the same time more interesting and irritating to watch for the Crimson Hawks fans. But in the stands, a lot of people left. When they went out of their locker rooms, The IUP players kept doing miss to score a baskets and loosing the ball allowing Central State to move up their score. At 11:58 of game, the score was 59-50. We could feel a lot of tension between the players.

 basketball game.jpg

basketball game.jpg








        Coach Lombardi and Central State's coach stressed out. Picture by Laurie Ajavon


Even the coaches looked stressed out. Joe Lombardi could be restless. The last minutes of game were very tense; both team wanting to win. Darryl Webb and his team-mates who were commiting a lot of mistakes seeing their opponents scored started to give everything to keep the victory. Finally our team beating Central state. The team didn't show his best during this game but it was the better this weekend winning its other game against Urbana 87-63 the day after. My Mojo wasn't really easy to do since I was suppose to type and watch the game at the same time but it was interesting to do. It was funny to be a sport commentator.

end of the game.bmp

                                                                                                                  End of the game; IUP won. Picture by Laurie Ajavon


Tell me: what did you think about the Saturday game?

 And you my online journalism classmate, what di you think about your Mojo assignment?


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We are already in December. A lot of houses in my neigh borough are decorated with Christmas' colors.  This year is going to be my first Christmas in the United States, my first Christmas in IUP and, most of all, my first Christmas away from Paris and my family. This article is not to make you feel sorry for me but to make you discover what a Christmas in Paris is.

I'm excited to discover how you celebrate Christmas here but I have to admit I don't really feel like it's going to be Christmas soon. Since, I will not stay here during the break, we don't have any Christmas tree or decorations in my house and the streets are forlornly dark. At this time, my house in France is full of decoration and the Christmas tree has an overabundant decoration. Outside, in every city, there are luminous tinsels everywhere on the street lamps and on the shop and houses' windows.


SAINT OUEN city council.jpgMiniature de l'image pour Miniature de l'image pour Miniature de l'image pour 100524172308834_67_000_apx_470_.jpg                                                                                                                                                 City council of Saint- Ouen, the city where I live in France. Map. Picture by Google image.



Here are the places almost every Parisians- including me- go during the Christmas period:

The Champs Elysées

The best thing to do when you spend Christmas in Paris or close to Paris is to go to the Champs Elysees. You will see the beautiful illuminations, the stores' decorations, the Ferris wheel, enjoy traditional dishes and find present's ideas in the 170 small chalet-style house built for the Christmas market.




Miniature de l'image pour MARCHE DE NOEL.bmp










 Tree's decorations and the Ferris Wheel; Louis Vuitton's luminous store windows  on the Champs Elysees. Picture from


More than a million of luminous dots illuminate the 415 trees of the most beautiful avenue of the world. It's more than 180 000 m of luminous tinsels and LED bulbs, more observant about the environment. Thanks to them, Paris will reduce its electricity bills to about 70 percent according to the French newspaper, Le Journal du Dimanche.

This light fairy will cost about 2,5 millions of euros- $3.35 million- to the storekeepers and the city.

This year, 15 millions of visitors are expected.


Boulevard Haussmann and the Galleries Lafayette

For 50 years, the Haussmann Boulvard and the Printemps and Gallerie Lafayettes' windows-a famous department store company- are, for Christmas, the inescapable places for families to admire the Christmas' animated stores. These illuminations will cost a million of Euros but these consumption's temples will make a quarter of their sales during this period.

Miniature de l'image pour paris-galeries-lafayette-noel-01.jpg


49990.jpgMiniature de l'image pour 2267709629_small_2.jpg


Miniature de l'image pour 50085.jpg

Boulvard Haussmann stores'animated windows. Picture from paris


The Eiffel Tower

From the Eiffel tower's side, a luminous show recounting the monument construction, more than a century ago. The strobe light effects, the game of light and color follow the five minutes of sparkling that mark each hour every day from 8 p.m. It will last until December 31. 










Eiffel Tower's Illuminations during Christmas. Picture from Google Image


For me, a Christmas full of light and decorations, full of people and full of things that make you smile like a kid is a real Christmas. That's why I love Paris during this period.


And for you, what is a real Christmas?

Where is your favorite place to celebrate it?

I hope you have appreciated the trip. 


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WARNING: If you hate Thanksgiving and holiday's family spirit or people who love it don't read my article!

Like almost every American students, I couldn't wait for Thanksgiving to come. First because it means a week of break and second, because I will celebrate my first Thanksgiving. Yes, another thing that we don't celebrate in France! The only things I knew about it were what I saw in movies: A celebration to gather family around the enormous dinner and its incontrovertible Turkey and to be thankful for what we have; that's all.























Thanksgiving meal. Google and Bing Image.


I discovered that it was celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November each year and that it was ways to give thanks to God for helping the Pilgrims of Plymouth Colony survive their first brutal winter in New England.

A lot of people were surprised by the fact that we don't celebrate it in France. Thanksgiving is not a worldwide celebration. The only countries which celebrate it are The United States; Canada; Grenada, a West Indian island; The Netherlands; Liberia, an African country and Norfolk Island, an Australian external territory. In all these countries, Thanksgiving is celebrated at different days and in different ways.

Contrary to the other students I don't have my family here. So, I spent my break in Pocono Mountain, Pa in one of my friends' family.



                                                                                                      Mont Pocono.

The day before Thanksgiving, her parents spent the night cooking the meal: green bean, turkey, chicken, rice, sweet potatoes... The nice smell of all this good food in the house was a good first step to immerse myself in the Thanksgiving ambiance. Her brothers, sister, nieces and her uncle came during the night. It was so pleasant to be in a house full of people, to feel again how it is to be in a family house and sharing this day with them.

The D-day morning, I was awake by the effervescence of a house full of people; it feels so good. It reminded me my own house during Christmas. The most amazing was the unexpected guest: the snow, like in movies. It snowed only this day. Kids were watching the parade on television and parents in the kitchen putting the finishing touches on the meal. Later, we finally ate. It was so good; too much things to eat and not enough room in my stomach. We spent the rest of the day watching the football game between the Dallas Cowboys and the New Orleans Saints and Disney's classic cartoons.




                                                                                                                          Thanksgiving's family dinner. Google image



I really enjoyed my first Thanksgiving. It made me think about the importance of family but also made me be thankful for being here to discover all these things.  

For all who were with their family and people they love, I really hope you enjoy your luck.


And you, what are you thankful for this year?

What is your favorite moment during this day?




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It was the event that a lot of people were waiting for last week and to tell the truth I was one of these. The R&B group... no sorry they don't want to be call like this anymore, the vocal group Boyz II Men came to IUP to celebrate their 20 years of music and their 60 million recordings sold, in Fisher Auditorium Friday, November 12 at 8pm. I had already attended one of their concert in France. I wanted to see how different they are from a country to another and what and how their audience looks like America.


                                                                                                                                                                                                  Boyz   II Men. Picture from


A crowded of people well dressed- some students were wearing old fashion clothes like pink or orange shirts with suspenders, with white pointed shoes- packeded in front of the doors of the IUP auditorium to recollect all the songs that we listened to during the 90s: "I'll Make Love to You", "A Song for Mama", "End of the Road" or "Bended Knee"... I was really surprised to discover an auditorium with so many different people. Students, parents, teachers, coaches, simple Indiana citizens, young, old, white and black; everybody was gathered for the Philadelphia group.

When the first notes of the songs' medley started, everybody was already singing. When they appeared on stage, it was just crazy. People were screaming, some standing up. Although they are only three now-Wanya Morris, Nathan Morris, Shawn Stockman. Michael McCary left the group in 2003 due to health issues- and older, the group succeeded to give their fans the same emotions as before. During the night, they went on with their old songs, songs from their album "Motown: A Journey Through Hittsville USA" and cover versions of other artists' songs.

Watch the video



Boyz II Men.JPG

Miniature de l'image pour 154348_503594162361_126000120_30042054_118112_n[1].jpg




155858_457634226948_599341948_6020434_3961440_n.jpg                                                                                                                                      Boyz II Men setting Fisher Auditorium on fire. Pictures by Laurie Ajavon and jhana Jones. 


The big moments of the night were, first of all, when they sent flowers in the audience on the song "Bended Knee". All the girls ran in front of the stage reaching out to receive their rose like bachelorette contestants. The singers were perfect in their charmer role. The other one was at the end; the curtain call was a real explosion. Fisher Auditorium transformed itself to a dance floor when the group came back on stage to sing a last energetic song. The front of the stage was crowded. People were dancing and singing, trying to touch the hand of one of the singers, with a hand and taking pictures or videos with the other. On stage, Wanya, Nathan and Shawn were overexcited, doing their best 90s dance steps.


149672_503594282121_126000120_30042066_1001499_n[1].jpg                                                 Miniature de l'image pour 76790_503594601481_126000120_30042098_2151310_n[1].jpg                                               









                                            Boyz II Men throwing flowers in the audience, dancing and singing and Motown songs and the final. Pictures by Laurie Ajavon and Jhana Jones.


It was a real good concert between emotion and energy. Everybody I have met at the end told me they liked it, even Lee Vest, the journalism department secretary.


Some people could meet them at the end of the concert paying $24. So, if you were one of these lucky, tell me if they were as nice as they looked like on stage.

I couldn't find a person who hated the concert, so if you do, tell me why.


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This week I decided to honor the IUP women's volleyball team since the university doesn't really do it. I have to admit that I wasn't very interested by watching one of their games, until one of my friends tells me that these girls played very well and that their games were interesting. So Saturday, Nov. 7, 2010, I decided to watch their final home game against Edinboro, in the Field House. I was really surprised to discover that the only stand opened was almost full. My friend told me that, unfortunately, it wasn't the same every time. She explained me that first, it was the family weekend and then, that a lot of students were there only because they will have some advantages for their classes by attending this game- like extra credits. The only thing that they had to do was to sign a paper in front of the doors. It's the reason why half of them left at the halftime.

 iup volley.jpg

                                                             IUP women's volleyball team. Picture from Another reason for you guys to watch their games... 


Before the game, three seniors, Chelsey Kreinbrook, Emily Pany and Jessica Bodkin, were honored.

As my friend told me, the game was very intense. Both teams really wanted to win. I was really into the game, cheering them with their few faithful supporters, shirtless and wearing placards with IUP colors. Unfortunately, they lost 3-0- they lost the three sets 20-25, 19-25, 23-25. Both of the teams were, for me, at the same level. The first set, IUP team was too nice; it's only at the second and third sets that they started to be more aggressive. We could see more desire to restore normality and win the game. They dominated the third set thanks to a real aggressive number 17, Jessica Bodkin, and a determinative number 13, Emily Pany, but a lot of miscommunications and a bad dispersion on the court at each set make them lost these few points they needed. They were always in front of the net leaving room in the back for their opponents to score. Edinboro's players had a very good defense and did a good digging work -action to prevent the ball from touching one's court after a spike or attack, particularly a ball that is nearly touching the ground.










IUP games. Jessica Bodkin blocking the ball and Emily Pany digging. Picture from

Despite the score, I wasn't disappointed at all to have been there. It's was a really good game. I don't understand why, with the good team that we have, their games are not more advertised and why the gymnase is almost empty. If you don't go often to the Field House, you can't see a lot of poster for their games whereas football or basket ball ones have a good coverage. Alex Patterson, a student in Regional planning major, who attended to the game, thinks the same: "The volleyball game was more entertaining than I expected. I was surprised by the athleticism some of those girls showed because when you look at them they don't look like they would be able to do some of the things they did."

When I asked him, why, according to him, people don't watch their games, he answered: "It's not advertised like other sports. Moreover, with football and basketball, you know that the games are every week. Because there are so many of them, people don't feel guilty if they miss one; they can go to the next one."

As an IUP student- athlete, I feel bad for them. If we have a track meet in IUP I wish a lot of students will come to cheer us; that's why I decided to watch as many sport event as I can. I think that all the IUP athletes should do the same.

Can you help me to answer this question:

A lot of students are wearing IUP shirts or pants, if they really like the university, explain me why they don't go and cheer our teams when they play at home?

And you, have ever attend an IUP sport event? (except football or basketball)

And if no, why?



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 This last weekend, I tried out a celebration that we don't really have in France: Halloween! When I was young, the only celebration in costume in France was Mardi- Gras which started on Ash Wednesday. It was a good occasion to eat a lot candies and crepes during my school fair. With the globalization, countries are sharing more and more their tradition; that's why, contrary to 10 years ago, now, in Europe, you can see more and more kids in the streets knocking at the doors, asking for candies and Halloween parties in bars and clubs.

Miniature de l'image pour Miniature de l'image pour halloween.jpg                                                                                 Halloween in Disneyland Paris. Picture

Let's come back to my first real Halloween, here, in IUP.

Like a kid, I was so excited to find my costume. I was surprised to see that I wasn't the only one. During the week before, the Wal-Mart's costume department and the Costume Shop were full of people. I thought that only kids liked wearing costumes during Halloween but I understood why adults liked it too; their costumes are very different from kids' ones or I should rather say they are sexier than theirs. The cute 7-years-old princess becomes a sexy nurse, Lady Gaga or policeman when she is 19.

lady gaga.jpgnurse costume.jpg












Lady Gaga and nurse costume. Pictures from Google imagesI thought yesterdays party went really well, there were alot of people dressed in costumes. which is what halloween is about for children its a time for them 2 get 2 dress up as something that they find interesteing and getting candy, while in college or older adults we enjoy being able 2 dress up & have a party, and celebrate with our friends



I like getting candy on halloween, what i dislike is that girl costumes become worse eahc yrI was really surprised to see that every student played the game of wearing a costume to go to bars and clubs. I finally dressed up as a ballerina. I would like to show you a picture but it's not professional.


For my first Halloween I went to a party organized by the club, the Underground. It took place in the Indiana Theater in Philadelphia Street. It was full of people and the stage was overcrowded but the good thing when a party takes place in a theater is that there is enough places to sit and you can dance everywhere in the auditorium. During the night, I saw very tiny costumes and some others very funny. There was a good ambiance. I really enjoyed myself with my friends and other IUP's students.

robot costume.jpg             costume2.jpg                  












The last one is my favorite. The guy was dressed up as Tiger Wood. Pictures taken by Laurie Ajavon in the Indiana's streets, Saturday night.



I asked two IUP students, there during the party what did they think about Halloween and the party.


"The party went really well.", said Brooke McDaniel, 21, an English major student dressed up as a cowgirl. "There were a lot of people dressed in costumes like when we were kids. Halloween is, for children, a time to get dress up in something they dream to be and to get candies, while in college and for older adults, it's a time to enjoy being able to dress up, have a party and celebrate with their friends. I liked getting candy on Halloween when I was young, what I dislike now is that girls' costumes become worse each year."I thought yesterdays party went really well, there were alot of people dressed in costumes. which is what halloween is about for children its a time for them 2 get 2 dress up as something that they find interesteing and getting candy, while in college or older adults we enjoy being able 2 dress up & have a party, and celebrate with our friendsI like getting candy on halloween, what i dislike is that girl costumes become worse eahc yr.


Miniature de l'image pour halloween party.jpg

                                                                                Halloween party at the Underground. Picture By Laurie Ajavon


"The party was fun because my friend were with me and I got to dress up.", said Antonette Acosta, 18, a Sports administration major student and dressed as Lara Croft. "Halloween is for me a day when you can express yourself however you want without being ridiculous" I thought yesterdays party went really well, there were alot of people dressed in costumes. which is what halloween is about for children its a time for them 2 get 2 dress up as something that they find interesteing and getting candy, while in college or older adults we enjoy being able 2 dress up & have a party, and celebrate with our friends



lady gaga2.jpglady gaga2.jpglady gaga2.jpglady gaga2.jpgstriper.jpgI like getting candy on halloween, what i dislike is that girl costumes become worse eahc yr.

I really liked my first Halloween: To see all these decorations in front of the houses and in stores 'windows, people don't take themselves too seriously and just enjoy together. I'm already thinking about my next year's costume.

My only regret is that I didn't get any candy...


And you, what did you do for Halloween?

What was your costume?

Tell me what the most incredible costume you have seen was.



I thought yesterdays party went really well, there were alot of people dressed in costumes. which is what halloween is about for children its a time for them 2 get 2 dress up as something that they find interesteing and getting candy, while in college or older adults we enjoy being able 2 dress up & have a party, and celebrate with our friends

I like getting candy on halloween, what i dislike is that girl costumes become worse eahc yr.

I thought yesterdays party went really well, there were alot of people dressed in costumes. which is what halloween is about for children its a time for them 2 get 2 dress up as something that they find interesteing and getting candy, while in college or older adults we enjoy being able 2 dress up & have a party, and celebrate with our friends

I like getting candy on halloween, what i dislike is that girl costumes become worse ea

I thought yesterdays party went really well, there were alot of people dressed in costumes. which is what halloween is about for children its a time for them 2 get 2 dress up as something that they find interesteing and getting candy, while in college or older adults we enjoy being able 2 dress up & have a party, and celebrate with our friends

I like getting candy on halloween, what i dislike is that girl costumes become worse eahc yr. lol




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During my first semester, I didn't go to any cultural event in IUP, so,  I decided to make it up for it this semester. Thanks to one of my Facebook's friend and the Hispanic Heritage Council's page, I found the perfect event. ¡Azúcar!, the famous Cuban singer, Celia Cruz's battle cry is the perfect  expression to describe the mood of the night I spent Saturday, October 16th during The Noche Latina in the almost full HUB's Ohio Room. To celebrate the end of Hispanic month Heritage, the IUP Hispanic Heritage Council thought this night to share with us their culture. Food, music, students and teachers' performances, everything was there to enjoy that Noche.


Hosting by the dynamic Jovana Ramos, student in IUP, this evening plunged us into the Hispanic's culture through its music, its dance and its poem. Dr. Marjorie Zambrano-Paff from the Spanish department introduced us the birth of new rhythm and the fusion of African instruments through clips and bits. Some IUP students in costumes came to illustrate different dances from Mexico.  These dance representations were interrupted by Spanish poem declamations with a translation on a screen for people, like me, who doesn't speak Spanish.

 Miniature de l'image pour prof poeme.jpg

                                                                                                                                                              Dr. Peter Broad reciting a Spanish poem. Picture by Courtney Ra

The intermission, the moment that everybody was secretly waiting for, was the moment to discover Hispanic culture through its food. I had to sacrifice myself to be a good reporter. Rice, Red beans, pineapple, pastries...  My plates, like everybody's ones, was full of these delicious dishes.

 The second half started with a vibrant homage to Salsa and its figurehead, Celia Cruz. We could watch a video and a dance tribute from the Ritmo Latino Dance Group.

Miniature de l'image pour danseuses.jpgdanseuse2.bmp

Miniature de l'image pour Miniature de l'image pour mexicain.bmp                                                           Folklore Suramericano by Ritmo Latino Dance Group And Jalisco Mexican Folklore. Pictures by Courtney Ra

We could also watch the Hispanic influence in Hollywood films with filmmakers and actors like Guillermo Del Toro, Javier Bardem or Pedro Almodovar. The Damage Dolls, a modeling troupe was on the Runways of Hispanic Flavor and Dr. Carmy Carranza from the Developmental Studies Department and her husband, Dr. Jose Carranza, retired from the Spanish Department introduced us a frenzied and sensual tango.


                                                                                                                                                        Tango Dance: Dr. Carmy and Dr. Jose Carranza. Picture by Courtney Ra

The night ended with a beautiful tribute to Hispanics in the US with the Gloria Estefan's song "Mi terra" singing with passion by Dr. Zambrano-Paff. All the performers were on the stage, dancing in unison.  It was a great night to learn and at the same time enjoy, and also a good way to underline the Hispanic Heritage Month.


modeling.bmpMiniature de l'image pour final2.jpg 

Damage Dolls group with Dr. Zambrano/  Perfomers with Jovana Ramos (in green) during the final. Picture by Courtney Ra


And you, if you were there, what did you think about this event?

I really enjoy this night, so if you are aware of other events on campus, leave me a comment.


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Last time, I was in the Foster building's cafeteria eating French fries and a hamburger when I started daydreaming about croissants, gratin dauphinois, saucissons, baguette, crepes... You don't know what it is? Just watch.

pains.jpgCREPES.jpg viennoiserie.jpgCHARCUTERIE.jpgGRATIN.jpgviennoiserie.jpg

Bread,Chocolate crepes, Viennese pastries, cooked meals, gratin "dauphinois" and cakes taken from Google images

France is known worldwide for its gastronomy, its wines, its chefs and its famous restaurants. The United States are, as my French Facebook contacts reminded me when I asked, mostly known for their fast foods, donuts and their hotdogs. So I think you can understand how I can miss French food, the fact to go to the bakery between my courses or to buy a nutella crepe while chilling in Paris' streets with my friends during the weekend.

Miniature de l'image pour Miniature de l'image pour crepes.jpg                                                                                        My favorite sin. Picture from Simon Lau's blog


I asked a lot of Americans what they thought about when I say "French food". I heard frog, snail, oyster and inevitably French fries. I thought it was a good occasion to break some cliché about France and food. Yes, in France we eat frogs and snails but it's only few people and it's not a daily course. Like you, eating snail makes me sick. I tried oyster and, honestly, it tastes like seawater. I didn't try frog but one of my friends told me it tastes good; it's just meat. You also have to know that originally, French fries are not a French specialty. They come from Belgium. And the last but not the least cliché is the one I saw in most of the movies about France or with a French character. Sorry, but we don't always wear a beret even when we go to the bakery! And nobody play accordion in the streets- ok, for the last one, it happened sometimes, during the weekend, down below the building where I used to live.

 Miniature de l'image pour CLICHE.jpg

                                                                         The French redneck with his baguette, his cigarette and his beret by google images.


I didn't know if it was a good idea to see of these pictures and to talk about food since, I was just more frustrated!  So I searched French restaurants and bakeries in Indiana. The only one  which catch up the most with a French restaurant was The Grapevine in Wayne Avenue which proposes some French gratinee, so I searched in the whole Pennsylvania's state.  These are, for me, the best addresses I could find:

-Pari Café Creperie in Philadelphia  

-La Gourmandine in Pittsburgh

-Le café de Amis in Sewickley


If you don't want go to these places- because you don't have enough money or because it's to far- but you want to discover French food, I found the perfect blog for you on French food. Rebecca Franklin will be your French food guide and give you the best recipes.


So, if you go to these places before me,

if you have already eaten there

or if you know others French restaurants or bakery, please leave me a comment because, now JAI FAIM!!! (I'm hungry). 

You can also tell me if you tried these recipes.

I'm definitely going to make some.

Bon appétit!!*

*French expression to wish a great meal to a person who is going to eat.

"Dad, Mum, don't worry, I'm ok!"

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This is what I would have said after to my parents if I would have told them what how my homecoming weekend was.

But you need to know why. Just after I come here, a report entitled "Alcohol, Pompom girls, hazin: the American campus' secrets" was broadcasted on French television. It explained that alcoholism rates were very high in the US campus and that students partied every night. My parents called me the day after to tell me to not drink too much, always keep an eye on my glass and to not try to be in a sorority because they would try to make drink a lot... I know, it is cliché, but it's the image that foreigners have of American universities. Now that I'm here, I can say that it's not true; students don't spend their time partying and drinking and streets are not full of drunk people during the weekend... except during homecoming weekend.                                                            

I'm going to tell you my first Homecoming in IUP.


Everybody was overexcited by this weekend. A lot of former students, students' families and friends will come just for this weekend. A lot of my friends on Facebook have put a comment about it. The only ones who didn't really care about Homecoming were teachers. Yeah, I say that because it's like they all decided to bother us by putting mid-term exams the week after. So I had to organize myself and think about what I will skip over. I decided to do my homework all the Saturday morning and be ready for the football. So, yes, I missed the parade as I missed Jason Derulo's concert the night before for the same reason -but I have to admit that both of them were not really my thing.

Miniature de l'image pour Miniature de l'image pour Miniature de l'image pour Jason derulo

                                                                                                                                                                                       Jason Derulo's concert in IUP by Shannon Furdack    


So, at 2 pm, I went to watch the football game. The weather was just perfect and everybody was in the stadium to enjoy the day. It' was a great game- ok I don't really understand the rules but I know that IUP team played very well. Unfortunately we lost by a point, but it didn't seem to change the mood of all the people there.

 Miniature de l'image pour Miniature de l'image pour Miniature de l'image pour Iup cheerleadersMiniature de l'image pour Miniature de l'image pour Miniature de l'image pour DSCN6355.JPGMiniature de l'image pour tribunes.jpg

 IUP football game, IUP cheerleaders during the game, Fans with Norm.  Pictures by Laurie Ajavon  


The game over, I went grab free food at brotherhood' stands and it was time to go to the HUB for the show "Rock the mic".  After a long wait, in front of the door of Ohio Room and then a long wait in Ohio room- this time it was more pleasant because it was punctuated by a very good DJ-, the fashion "Pre-Show" started. I could see the ugliest tatoo's contest-the laureate won $100- and the funniest reincarnation of the rapper Queen Latifah.  After another long wait, we could finally laugh at the Comedy Central comic, Deon Cole's jokes. I have to admit that it was a black people targeted show- 90 percent of the audience there- but everybody can laugh about everything. The funniest thing was to see two white girls at the first row really serious all the show long as if they were bored.

Even Cole tried to understand why they stayed there if they didn't like the show and make them laugh...but it was a failure.

At midnight, I and my friends decided to go to the Underground, a club in Philadelphia streets. The street was just overcrowded. In front of every bar, there were lines; no exception for the Underground. The half of people in the street was drunk. It was a party mood and at the same time, I could feel that it didn't take much to provoke a fight.                 


                                                                                                                                               Dean Cole at the HUB. Picture from jazz and

I met a lot of people that I see every day on campus who came talk to me for the first time, asking me if I was a student of IUP. Alcohol and its effects... Since we were not there to drink and even less to fight, we decided to find some food and walk back. There was a line even in front of Sheetz. I was speaking about fight, no? During the wait, I witnessed a fight which finally became a guy getting a beating by three others and a pursuit race on foot with the police. We grab our food and finally thought that it was time for us to go back in our house.

You understand now why I can tell this story to my parents?

And you, could you tell your parents what you did during homecoming?





"The best way to understand something is to ask questions." ThiMiniature de l'image pour Miniature de l'image pour Miniature de l'image pour Miniature de l'image pour Miniature de l'image pour Miniature de l'image pour Miniature de l'image pour Liz Tepsic high jumps is my journalistic motto. So, in a way to better understand American people's sportsmanship, competitive spirit and, as usual, make you know a IUP student, I interviewed one of my teammates. Her name is Elizabeth "Liz" Tepsic. She is 21 and her major is Finance. She practices Track and Field for five years. I chose her because she is the one among us who does the hardest workouts since she is heptathlete (she does seven Track and field events).


Why did you choose to practice Track and Field?

I played basketball for 12 years of my life and I already knew my potential in it.  Track was new to me and for as little time I spent with it, I was curious to see how well I could do. I like that your performance is solely based upon you, unless you participate in a relay.  Also, being a heptathlete, I have had the opportunity to learn a little bit about each event in track. Track is very diverse and that's what makes it exciting.

What are your goals for this year and after you graduate?

I am currently finishing up my senior year in track.  My goals are to win Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference (PSACs) in the pentathlon-five events- and heptathlon. I would also like to take a trip to the national's championships. I currently have no future plans with track and field other than maybe to one day help coach. I'm not sure that I will practice after I graduate, however I do wish to run on my own and pass on my knowledge in the sport to other athletes.

What does being an athlete mean to you?

I love being an athlete. It brings a sense of pride and accomplishment to my life.  I have learned hard work, competitiveness, patience, courage, determination, team work, and many other traits along the way.  These all apply in real life situations and give me an edge on other people. I have learned great communication, teamwork, and time management skills. I have also learned how to maintain a healthy life style.

What do mean, for you, shirts entitled "Go Hard or Go Home"?

It means you either work hard, practice hard or compete hard or you might as well just go home. I feel the only way to win or get any better is to constantly work hard. Otherwise, you are not living up to your full potential.  Making shirts like these let other people know that you are serious and are planning to bring your "A" game.

Why should people do a sport?

 It is character building and teaches you to work with other people as well as learning time management.

What can you say to people who don't do a sport?

 Try it out. You never know if you can be good enough until you try.  If it is not your thing, try to get involved through clubs and organizations on campus.  In the meantime, go to the gym a few days a week and work out to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

*Picture of Liz Tepzic high jumping during the Pennsylvania championship (PSACS). Picture from PSAC's photographer.

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