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(Photo Taken by: Me)

Before Delta Gamma's Spring formal I stopped over to my friend Jillian's house to take a look at what she decided to wear this year and why she made that decision. Jill decided on a form fitting black dress with a sheer lace top embroidered with flower pedals from Forever21. She wore matching black heels from Charlotte Russe. So her outfit had some color to it she added a turquoise knotted necklace to spice up her outfit, complimenting her eye shadow. 

Me: When shopping for your dress at Forever 21, what made this dress stick out to you?

Jill: At first I did not know if I liked it because it is Spring and I wanted a colorful dress, but when I tried it on it fit like a glove and I couldn't pass it up.

Me: How much does a dress like this usually cost? Do you feel like it was cost efficient?

Jill: It was 24.80, which is fairly cheap for a dress that I can get a lot of wear out of. 

The budget Fashionista is a blog that she recommend to girls who like fashion tips.

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