St. Patrick had style, so should you!

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After a very festive weekend in Pittsburgh for the St.Patricks day parade I noticed all the creativity and thought put into peoples outfits. I remember when just a green shirt would do and a four leaf clover tattooed on your arm, but that doesnt cut it these days. While walking around town I asked 3 different people what made them decide on their outfits and all of them had very similar answers. The more the better!


(from left to right..Katie Tabone 21. Krista Sloan 21. Alex Contristano 19. Jaime Michaels 20.)

Photo taken by: Me


I talked to my 4 freiends who were waiting for this day forever and what inspired their creative gear. They said they went to a lot of thrift stores to find clothing for a reasonable price and also went on to Teen Vogue and they had 20 stylish idea for Saint Pattys that were simple and fun. Teen Vogue always has easily done ideas that any girl could manage. So next time youre getting ready for a festive holiday, remember go above and beyond! 

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