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My name is Cassandra and I am a junior here at good ol' IUP. When I was asked to start a blog about something I am passionate about or feel like I could ramble about for a whole semester my mind went directly to fashion.I have a sick obsession for clothes and making a not so glamorous outfit look fabulous. From Hallways to Runways is going to be focusing on what im wearing, what your wearing, what your friends wearing, how to recreate a look, fashion crisis with a solution,your closet, how to look good after rolling out of bed, gym wear, inspirations ect.ect.,basically anything that can make you ready for the catwalk at any given moment. I will be using my own personal judgements along with polls from IUP students and every womans bible, Cosmopolitan. I tend to be extremely sarcastic and you might even call me judgemental but isnt that what a blog is all about?

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