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Simple, Cute And Comfortable

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When getting up on a Monday the last thing you are thinking about it what you are going to wear to that class that starts right after the sun rises. On winter mornings its hard to stay motivated to caring about your appearance. Whenever I went to my first class of the day I snapped a picture of Sophomore student Samantha Stevens and asked her a few questions on what makes her decide what to wear each day to class.


Q: What key factors do you think about when dressing yourself before class?

A: Whenever I wake up I immediately look outside to see what the weather is since its been all over the place. I typically choose comfortable leggings with a simple cute shirt. So I am comfortable but still look like I put thought into my outfit. Simple, Cute and Comfortable.


Q: Where do you get your fashion inspiration from?

A: Nicole Richie; she has a such a cute style but very simple to pull off. She always has a lot of accessories and color.


Q: What is one item of clothing you are usually wearing?



Q: Where do you like to shop and why?

A: Forever 21, Express, and H&M. They all of really fun and cute styles for a reasonable price and im currently on a budget.

Samantha also recommended this website to me for tips when shopping on a budget.


Before you go shopping it's always smart to look through your closet and to see what you actually need instead of just buying anything at random.



Samantha Stevens. Sophomore at IUP.




My name is Cassandra and I am a junior here at good ol' IUP. When I was asked to start a blog about something I am passionate about or feel like I could ramble about for a whole semester my mind went directly to fashion.I have a sick obsession for clothes and making a not so glamorous outfit look fabulous. From Hallways to Runways is going to be focusing on what im wearing, what your wearing, what your friends wearing, how to recreate a look, fashion crisis with a solution,your closet, how to look good after rolling out of bed, gym wear, inspirations ect.ect.,basically anything that can make you ready for the catwalk at any given moment. I will be using my own personal judgements along with polls from IUP students and every womans bible, Cosmopolitan. I tend to be extremely sarcastic and you might even call me judgemental but isnt that what a blog is all about?

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