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(Photo Taken by: Me)

Before Delta Gamma's Spring formal I stopped over to my friend Jillian's house to take a look at what she decided to wear this year and why she made that decision. Jill decided on a form fitting black dress with a sheer lace top embroidered with flower pedals from Forever21. She wore matching black heels from Charlotte Russe. So her outfit had some color to it she added a turquoise knotted necklace to spice up her outfit, complimenting her eye shadow. 

Me: When shopping for your dress at Forever 21, what made this dress stick out to you?

Jill: At first I did not know if I liked it because it is Spring and I wanted a colorful dress, but when I tried it on it fit like a glove and I couldn't pass it up.

Me: How much does a dress like this usually cost? Do you feel like it was cost efficient?

Jill: It was 24.80, which is fairly cheap for a dress that I can get a lot of wear out of. 

The budget Fashionista is a blog that she recommend to girls who like fashion tips.

Time to get Fancy

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Its that time of year when all of the fraternities and sororities have their end of the year formals at some extravagant place. Well they seem pretty extravagant in comparison to the usual frat basement hang out. With weather all over the place like what we have been experiencing it is hard to decide what style of dress to go with. For formals you do not typically go to the extremes of dressing for a prom. The newest trends are whatever the celebrities are wearing. On Seventeen they have images and prices of looks straight from the red carpet, celebrities from Emma Stone to Selena Gomez. If shopping on a budget when looking for the perfect out for your night out there is also dress for dresses under $100! The dresses are all from designers such as Steve Madden, BCBG, Arden B, ect..all very well known names in the fashion industry all for a responsible price. The dresses range from dressy to casual whatever style you are going for this season. 

Arden B Taffeta Ruffle Tube Dress, $89, 

One Shoulder Cocktail Dress, $89, 
Prettiest of All Dress, $90, 

The dresses can be inspiration to your styles, giving ideas of what could be a potential formal dress for all the upcoming events! Accessorize your look as well and add the perfect jewelry to go with your stylish look.

After a very festive weekend in Pittsburgh for the St.Patricks day parade I noticed all the creativity and thought put into peoples outfits. I remember when just a green shirt would do and a four leaf clover tattooed on your arm, but that doesnt cut it these days. While walking around town I asked 3 different people what made them decide on their outfits and all of them had very similar answers. The more the better!


(from left to right..Katie Tabone 21. Krista Sloan 21. Alex Contristano 19. Jaime Michaels 20.)

Photo taken by: Me


I talked to my 4 freiends who were waiting for this day forever and what inspired their creative gear. They said they went to a lot of thrift stores to find clothing for a reasonable price and also went on to Teen Vogue and they had 20 stylish idea for Saint Pattys that were simple and fun. Teen Vogue always has easily done ideas that any girl could manage. So next time youre getting ready for a festive holiday, remember go above and beyond! 

Simple, Cute And Comfortable

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When getting up on a Monday the last thing you are thinking about it what you are going to wear to that class that starts right after the sun rises. On winter mornings its hard to stay motivated to caring about your appearance. Whenever I went to my first class of the day I snapped a picture of Sophomore student Samantha Stevens and asked her a few questions on what makes her decide what to wear each day to class.


Q: What key factors do you think about when dressing yourself before class?

A: Whenever I wake up I immediately look outside to see what the weather is since its been all over the place. I typically choose comfortable leggings with a simple cute shirt. So I am comfortable but still look like I put thought into my outfit. Simple, Cute and Comfortable.


Q: Where do you get your fashion inspiration from?

A: Nicole Richie; she has a such a cute style but very simple to pull off. She always has a lot of accessories and color.


Q: What is one item of clothing you are usually wearing?



Q: Where do you like to shop and why?

A: Forever 21, Express, and H&M. They all of really fun and cute styles for a reasonable price and im currently on a budget.

Samantha also recommended this website to me for tips when shopping on a budget. 

Before you go shopping it's always smart to look through your closet and to see what you actually need instead of just buying anything at random.



Samantha Stevens. Sophomore at IUP.




My name is Cassandra and I am a junior here at good ol' IUP. When I was asked to start a blog about something I am passionate about or feel like I could ramble about for a whole semester my mind went directly to fashion.I have a sick obsession for clothes and making a not so glamorous outfit look fabulous. From Hallways to Runways is going to be focusing on what im wearing, what your wearing, what your friends wearing, how to recreate a look, fashion crisis with a solution,your closet, how to look good after rolling out of bed, gym wear, inspirations ect.ect.,basically anything that can make you ready for the catwalk at any given moment. I will be using my own personal judgements along with polls from IUP students and every womans bible, Cosmopolitan. I tend to be extremely sarcastic and you might even call me judgemental but isnt that what a blog is all about?

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