Art Students Get Crafty for Homecoming

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A caricature drawn by Jamie Zbrzezny, a senior art education major at Iindiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP)Saturday, Oct. 9 at Reeeger's Farm Pumkin Festival. Zbrzezny, also a member of IUP's chapter of the National Art Education Association, volunteered to draw caricatures and do crafts to help raise money for a children's scholarship through The Artists Hand Gallery in Indiana.

(Photo/Rose Catlos)


Indiana University of Pennsylvania's annual Homecoming event is always, well...quite an event. Indiana Borough residents are graced with such delightful memories as "Horsegate," or trashed streets and broken windows. Some probably assume that drunken debauchery is the norm for homecoming, and perhaps it is.

But be aware Indiana:  Some IUP students will make their mark by making a difference this Homecoming.

One group skipping out on the party scene this weekend is IUP's chapter of the National Art Education Association (N.A.E.A.) The group will host the craft tent at the annual Reeger's Farm Pumpkin Festival Saturday, Oct. 9, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., and also volunteered Oct. 2, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

N.A.E.A. volunteers painted children's faces, drew caricatures and helped with craft projects such as making bean bag pumpkins last weekend, said Rebecca Harmon, N.A.E.A. president and a senior art education/art studio major.



The craft tent at the Reeger's Farm Pumpkin Festival Saturday, Oct. 9

                          (Photo/Rose Catlos)

The craft tent has a specific goal in mind:  to raise money for an art class scholarship through The Artists Hand Gallery. Attendees are invited to make donations at the tent, which go directly to the scholarship fund, aimed at underprivileged children.

"All the money that we're making this weekend and last weekend is going toward the scholarship for kids that want to participate in Artists Hand Gallery classes, but financially can't," Harmon said.



Jessica Green, a senior art education major at IUP, paints a child's face at the children's craft tent at Reeger's Farm Pumpkin Festival Saturday, Oct. 9. Green and other N.A.E.A. members volunteered to help children with arts and crafts at the festival. All donation proceeds collected at the tent  will benefit a children's art class scholarship through The Artists Hand Gallery in Indiana.

(Photo/Rose Catlos) 

The group has raised $396 so far, exceeding its minimum goal of $330, said Roxanne Hotaling, a senior art education major and the event's coordinator. The gallery on Philadelphia Street in Indiana is not yet open, so the organization must host its children's art workshops at the Indiana Free Library, she said. Classes require a minimum of six and a maximum of 12, and costs for renting a room and buying supplies range between $330 and $660. That's how the group decided on its funding goal, she said.

Hotaling is a baker at Reeger's Farm Café, a member of N.A.E.A. and teaches classes through the Artists Hand Gallery. She was already thinking of ways N.A.E.A. could contribute to the scholarship fund, she said, when Reeger's employees approached her to run the tent. Reeger's is a family-owned and run business, so family members ran the tent in past years, she said. But the usual volunteers went off to college, and Hotaling was called upon to fill the void.

Hotaling has seen children barriers such as language, financial and behavioral barriers benefit from socialization and education art classes offer, she said. But all too often, these same children cannot afford to participate.

"These kids need and want to take these classes," she said.

So put down your cup and head out to Reeger's farm Saturday to help area kids take art classes.


Zbrzezny works on a caricature at the craft tent.

                                                     (Photo/Rose Catlos)

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I want to get a picture with my head on Batmans body! Wish I was free to go, looks like they could draw pretty well

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way to go Rose

go IUP...

Fantastic post.Really thank you! Awesome.

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