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Help, Please!

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Thumbnail image for innovation.jpgWhat's in a name?

Juliet once said:

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet."

Shakespeare might have been right, but having a catchy, memorable name never hurts your cause.

A lot rides on the names of products, services, companies and even people. Hollywood starlets rename themselves all the time to make their personal brand more appealing and memorable. Did you know there are even professional namers, (i.e. people who sit around all day thinking up creative names for new companies, products, etc.)? Certain brand names such as Kleenex, a facial tissue brand, have become so embedded in the public's mind that everyone knows that product as its brand name. Other examples include Band-Aid, Chapstick and Brillo Pad. (For a more thorough alphabetical listing, click here.)

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House Shows

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house show.jpg

 Tyler Gregorchick and Mark Kephardt perform at a  house show  held in Christian Freeberg's basement.

(Photo courtesy of Christian Freeberg's facebook page.)

I was wracking my brain for ideas to write about for a blog this week, when I happened upon a Facebook invitation for a music performance hosted by my friend Chris Freeberg's (senior, communications media) house. As I realized I was missing the event, it struck me that these so-called "house shows" are sort of a college phenomenon. From frat houses to hipster havens like Freeberg's basement, college students love to watch other college students play their guitars. So I called up Chris and we sat down at Commonplace Coffeehouse, often a venue for free-spirited music itself, to discuss his personal inspiration for musical collaboration.

Art Students Get Crafty for Homecoming

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A caricature drawn by Jamie Zbrzezny, a senior art education major at Iindiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP)Saturday, Oct. 9 at Reeeger's Farm Pumkin Festival. Zbrzezny, also a member of IUP's chapter of the National Art Education Association, volunteered to draw caricatures and do crafts to help raise money for a children's scholarship through The Artists Hand Gallery in Indiana.

(Photo/Rose Catlos)


Indiana University of Pennsylvania's annual Homecoming event is always, well...quite an event. Indiana Borough residents are graced with such delightful memories as "Horsegate," or trashed streets and broken windows. Some probably assume that drunken debauchery is the norm for homecoming, and perhaps it is.

But be aware Indiana:  Some IUP students will make their mark by making a difference this Homecoming.

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