Road to Record Store Day

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This is What VIP's look like
 (photo by me)

As it turns out the festivities of Record Store were quite as amazing as I expected this year. Starting at 8:30 am we had the winner from WIUPfm and Backstreet Records "Road To Record Store Day"  contest. She followed the various clues given out through both WIUPfm and Backstreet Records social media outlets and during Progressions on 90.1

Then at 9:00am we opened the doors to those VIP's who had joined the event page on facebook. From 9-10am excellent deals where available all throughout the store, as well as first crack at all the new releases. This did mean however, that a line was present. Those who were at the front arrived anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour before we opened the doors. 

It was definately a good idea to get there early as over half of the records up for sale were gone by 10am. With one exception. Metallica's "Beyond Magnetic". We thought the saving grace of this piece was the fact that it was pressed on silver colored vinyl. But I guess even that isn't enough to make RSD shoppers overlook the fact that Metallica is the band that took on Internet file sharing long before SOPA.

533999_10150680972525264_10212595263_9761132_437891705_n.jpgPeople really didn't seem to care that Metallica had kicked of the inaugural Record Store Day event back in 2008. Their legacy will forever be intertwined with lack of sales, not due to fans file sharing their music, but simply because they are a buch of washed up has beens.

The two best sellers of the day had to be The Black Keys "El Camino" Special Edition, and Animal Collective's "Tranverse Temporal Gyrus", Which both sold out within the first 5 minutes. Backstreet also had a wide variety of the Uncle Tupolo re-releases , and 11 copies of The Misfits classic "Walk Among Us".

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