"iTunes LP To Replace The Vinyl Record" or "Why Bridge the Digital Divide When We Can Take The Submarine"

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I don't want anyone to leave with the impression that I am so stuck in the past that I can't appreciate the present, and even the future of music. In fact, I was just reading up about a new feature of iTunes called "iTunes LP", and I discovered that not only in the glory of records back in vogue, but, the classic style, extra large art and bonus items that were a mainstay of the music releases is making a comeback in the digital realm as well. 

The new feature in iTune allows listeners to become intwined in extra features such as art, animated lyrics, videos, and more. iTunes LP adds layers of content that have never before be available except for hard to find box sets and enhanced CDs. But in keeping with Apple's traditional "Big Brother" style, they are only releasing this for a limited number of albums, and only on the iTunes Store. They do, however, offer a template and list of best practices for creating ITLP content. So really, the sky is the limit; or perhaps, the bottom of the sea is.

This week for free on The iTunes Store is,The Beatles classic Yellow Submarine. This is being released  under the title of "Free Boo" But essentially this is the kind of content to expect from the iTunes LP download. I have to say I am pleasantly surprised by this generosity, and highly suspect there is an ulterior motive for this, Although I have no proof of this, I believe that Apple is seeing the success of vinyl and the download cards included in most new releases which utilize other file distribution services as a threat.  So in combination with an iPad, this new content is the closest digital albums may ever get to the boldness of vinyl.

But since they are giving it away.. I had to get it!

I also came across http://ituneslp.net, a site that offers a few free downloads of indie albums in the iTunes LP format. 

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