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Last night The Kovalchick Convention and Athletic Complex in Indiana PA hosted a dubstep concert. The thing is, this event was hardly publicized, so it was not hard to see why most people had no idea that it was going on. In fact, they could barely give tickets away. Here is an example of Backstreet Records trying to give tickets away on their facebook page

Screen shot 2012-04-29 at 5.36.38 PM.png

So I decided to take Backstreet up on the offer, and procured a few tickets for myself and some friends. Although I expected less than 500, I was very surprised when the 5000 seat Ed Fry arena was hardly filled to capacity, with less than 100 people in attendance. This small of a crowd was not very conducive to a super dance party breaking out at any moment.. In fact, at least half of the spectators chose to remain seated throughout the majority of the event. 

The atmosphere was awful, but the DJ's were a lot of fun. There was also a comedian, Aries Spears best know for his time on Mad TV. Mr. Spears was pretty funny, considering he was obviously put off by the the size and relatively young age of the crowd. Unfortunately, my phone died before I could get any footage of his act, but it probably would not have suitable for even the internet. 
Although, I did get a few seconds of dubstep before my phone died. I can not say it is a good representative of what last night was like, but at least it proves that it happened. The sad part is, I got in for free but a few of my friends in attendance paid $30 for tickets. I mean, I kinda felt ripped off and I got in for free, so I understood their frustration as most of them left early. So how can IUP promote events like this in the future to help make them a little more interesting? Well, that is the million dolar question. Any thoughts?

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