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Mastadon Poster Contest

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Hey there all you metal heads. Mastodon, long time Record Store Day contributor is being all cool and giving away an autographed poster. So if you think your walls won't collapse under the weight of all this coolness, head on over to the Record Store Day website and enter to win! 


The Gift of Thrift

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I spent this past weekend in Pittsburgh, so I thought it would be a good chance to go to record stores and thrift shops I don't normally get a chance to visit. First stop was The Attic, in Millvale, They had an absolutely amazing selection of new and used vinyl, a lot of the old stuff was in good condition with multiple copies, everything you come to expect from a first rate record shop that has been around forever. 

I picked up a few great things, and ever talked some Record Store Day rumors with the helpful employees. One of the things I noticed is that as record stores get more and more inventory, the chaos that more piles of random records are laying around, this can be good and bad. 

The selection was great, but the overall disorganization of the store leaves a lot to be desired. Narrow isles and boxes everywhere made navigating the store imposing to a first timer like myself. But, all in all, I left very satisfied with my selections. 

The next stop was a local goodwill, which had a meager selection of 70's easy listening and Vicki Carr music. But I guess that is all part of the joy of record collecting, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. 

Another thrift store, The Community Thrift Shop in Greentree, was a little more interesting. This place had a very nice collection of 7" records, and a whole lot of Classical. Of course, I was more interested in the 45's. I shuffled through a giant box of 7" records, and for the most part it was devoid of anything I would really like.  


When I did find something worth saving from this box where records go to die, the condition was not so good. I did however, find a single for the Crowded House song "Don't Dream it's Over". Which I have actually sought for sometime now. It was in perfect condition and it had the picture sleeve in very good(VG) condition. The reason I have always wanted this record, in it's 45rpm version, is that it was featured in the television adaptation of Stephan King's The Stand. Check it out! 

Record Store Day Official Lists

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As we are winding down the clock until April 21st; When independent record stores around the world join together with record labels and performing artists, to supply us with some of the most anticipated releases of the year. The news is building momentum and it seems to be that something new is announced or leaked almost every day. And today is no exception. It was announced on the, and The RSD social media outlets, that official list for the US would be announced this week. 

eanwhile, across the pond in jolly old England, The first ever Live Press Launch event will be held Today (3/19) at 2pm eastern, at a secret location somewhere in London. This invitation only event will feature live performances by electronic legends Orbital and newly reunited PUBLIC IMAGE, LTD.  This event, which will be simulcast here, will be the first official release announcement about releases specific to the UK, with announcements about other European release expected in France and Germany later this week.  

We're Sharing

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Merge Records has announced a few wonderful tidbits of news on just what to expect on April 21st. I am very pleased that my one of my favorite record labels is releasing a special 12" red vinyl of one of my favorite bands Arcade Fire.

The Grammy winning hipster army known as Arcade Fire will be issuing remixes of their tracks "Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)" and "Ready to Start" as part of this year's Record Store Day celebration.  As stated above, these extra large singles will be pressed on bright red vinyl. 

Best thing about this wonderful day when record labels share with small mom and pop record stores, is the phenomenon of the split EP. A split EP is where two artists share one record, one artists per side. Sometimes they cover each others work, and sometimes they collaborate. 

One of the first pieces of news about this years releases was the news that  Feist & Mastodon would be releasing a split 7". This incredibly eclectic mix of those two artists seriously baffles the mind, but inspired a god bit of speculation about the nature of the release. But, the fun doesn't end there! Sufjan Stevens and Rosie Thomas are  releasing and EP called Hit & Run Vol I.  Check out this taste of the song Where Were You

So, one of my favorite things to do is wax hypothetical. So with that in mind, what two artists would you like to see collaborating on a RSD 2012 release? This could be anything from a collaborative effort to a true split EP. The sky is the limit.. 

Yeah.. There's An App For That

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As we inch ever closer to the 21st of April, more and more news filters out about releases, and what to expect on Record Store Day 2012. Releases from RSD alumni like Metallic and Peter Tosh are confirmed. But, if you like me, you want the most up to the minute info you can get. Well, short of visiting this blog every day, there isn't much you can do. Wait just one second, there is an app for that. 

Yes my friends, that is right! This is the first year in which the nice folks who coordinate RSD have released an app on both the iPhone and Android platforms. To those of us who are not only vinyl junkies, but also technology fiends, this is extremely exciting. The app is free, which is always the right price for a promotional application like this. 

The app will use your location to find the nearest participating independent record store, as well as providing you with up to the minute news on contests that you can enter right from your phone. The most important feature may be  the ability to view the entire catalog of releases with descriptions and artwork.


So if you are reading this from your mobile device, what are you waiting for Download Now.

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