I'm in the Mood for... Hungarian Food?

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If this doesn't get your mouth watering, nothing will.

The Department of Hospitality Management at IUP will host an event called "21 Magyar: A Hungarian Bistro" on Thursday, April 5, at The Allenwood.

The Allenwood is a restaurant, frequently student-run, located on the lower level of Ackerman on the IUP campus. Beginning at 11:45 a.m. and concluding at 1 p.m., guests will be able to dine on an all-inclusive Hungarian meal for no more than $6.95. Reservations and take-out orders can be placed by calling 724-357-2626.

Magyar, a term which refers to the people of Hungary; however, in The Allenwood's terms, it's a three-course meal. The meal commences with a cucumber salad, seasoned with spices and vinegar, before the main entree of chicken paprikash is served.

4023311760_6a0ccdaf6d.jpg(Courtesy of Hummingbird Appetite)

Chicken paprikash is a traditional Hungarian dish that provides diners with an enticing blend of paprika, sour cream and other ingredients to give the chicken a bit of a spicy kick. The Allenwood plans to serve this dish with a side of potato latkes (cakes of fried potatoes) and rolls of Hungarian cinnamon bread.

To conclude the Hungarian feast, The Allenwood will feature dessert choices of either a chocolate-walnut torte or apple-filled palacsinta; the latter of which is described by the event page as "fresh apple pie filling wrapped in a delicate crepe."

palacsinta.jpg(Courtesy of Cafe Liz)

In terms of current events, Hungary appears to be a fairly stable country. When searching Google News for articles regarding the eastern European nation, results included fairly light-hearted stories. The top articles mainly discussed the recent resignation of a university president due to plagiarism accusations, as well as the Hungarian citizens' push to get their president to step down from his duties.

The country as a whole, however, is one of stable civility- a peaceful nation that, based on the cuisine featured in the aforementioned event, has a knack for making delectable food.

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