Tips for college students

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If you want a few tips about college check out this article. Its got some good information on it and is interesting to read.

Finish Strong

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I hope everyone had a great Spring break. We are into the last stretch of the semester now and its easy to lose focus with the good weather that might decide to show up before we leave. I know the semester can get stressful around this time, but I also know that every one of you can finish this semester strong. Keep it up Northern residents and if you ever need any help feel free to stop by the ASM office and talk to us.


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Hello Northern residents,
With Midterms coming up everyone is probably feeling stressed, but don't let it overwhelm you. Pay attention to upcoming programs that might be able to help you and don't forget to take a break every now and then to relax. I hope midterms go well and that you all have a wonderful Spring break.

Welcome back

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Hello everyone, it's nice to have you all back. I hope winter break was fun for you. I just wanted to wish you all good luck in this next semester and if any of you have some fun stories from winter break you'd like to share I'd love to hear them.

Finals Week Madness

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I hope finals week is going well for everyone. Just wanted to wish you good luck on finals. Try not to burn out this week guys, make sure you take breaks from studying every hour or two and let your mind recharge a bit.

A Holiday Message

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Dear Northern Residents

This has been a wonderful semester and I have greatly enjoyed getting to know you all over its course. With the semester drawing to a close I wanted to take a moment to tell you all good luck on your coming finals and wish you a happy holiday season. You have all been so much fun to meet and I hope that I will get to meet even more of you next semester. So I wish you all good luck and happy holidays. I hope to see you all next semester.

Tips for break

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Hey everyone, withThanksgiving break coming up you may be wondering what to do with your free time. Well here are some quick tips on how to avoid wasting your break:

Make sure you don't waste your thanksgiving break. Before heading home write up all the assignments you need to do over break and make sure you have all of the books and notes you will need to do those assignments. When you get home ...
just take a day or two off, let yourself relax, then get down to business. Remember that you will have family over on Thursday and after all that food you won't want to do anything for a while, so try to get a good chunk of your work done before then. That way the last few days can be spent relaxing and just finishing up assignments without any mad rush to do your work.

November Programs

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Don't know what to do with your major? Come to the career fair next Friday, November 9th, and learn what careers you can pursue with ASm Devin and CA Andrew. Leanr all about the opportunities your major can give you!

Upcoming programs

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Come to ASM Erin's program today at 4pm! A representative from the IUP writing center will be coming to give us some strategies for writing an excellent paper!
Having trouble with a class? Need somewhere to study? Tired of just doing homework in your room? Come to ASM Devin's study hall program this Sunday at 3 PM in the fourth floor lounge to do some work and get help.