Get a group of women and men together and have a debate on which gender caused chivalry to be "dead". 

Chances are it'll go a little something like this, or similar arguments will arise. 

Males belittled females > Females got fed up and started acting like males > Males stopped respecting females because they acted like males > Females complain that males aren't romantic or chivalrous > Males say females nowadays don't deserve to be pampered because they're too promiscuous ... > Etc., etc.

 Instead of pulling the plug on chivalry and having my peers be completely engulfed in debauchery, I believe there are certain actions that could be done by both genders to save whatever it is we call this type of dating society today's world experiences.  Granted there are those that enjoy sleeping around, getting a bad reputation and all that jazz but this blog probably wouldn't give them much help. 

But if you're the girl who's wondering, "WHY hasn't he answered my calls?!" or the guy that's a little shy and not sure how to win her over, you might learn a thing or two by reading this.

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