Disaster Dates

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First dates can be nervewrecking.  A person may not know what to wear, what to say or how to act.  But nothing feels worse than going through all that trouble for the date to go completely wrong.

Kayla Panchik, a senior majoring in fashion merchandising and marketing admits to having bad luck when it comes to dating.

During her most recent date, the fellow and Panchik were having drinks and he gave her a flaming shot.  In an attempt to take the shot she burned herself, dropped it and lit his carpet on fire. 

"It lasted like five minutes because we were in shock and I tried pouring my mixed drink on it," she said.  "He felt bad because I burned my mouth."

In addition to this, Panchik shared another story about last year's Valentine's Day.

"The only Valentine's Day date I ever went on, the guy left the dinner table three times to do drug deals in the parking lot," she said.  When asked her reaction to that, Panchik laughed and said, "I just figured he probably wasn't a good pick."


If you've had a disaster date feel free to comment and share your story!




Mushy Movies

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Make sure to check out my section of the blog, "Mushy Movies", on the right where I will highlight some of the old romantic classics.

Week 1: Casablanca

Spring has Sprung

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Now that spring has sprung and the weather is inviting for outdoor activities, you can trade in a traditional date night of dinner and a movie for an outdoor one.

Thanks to this cool, dating website I'm able to share with you some outside date ideas that can be done anywhere, even here at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Meet at the crack of dawn and watch the sunrise together.  Bring along coffee and/or pastries and make it a breakfast date.

picnic.jpgHave a picnic at a park, or even in the middle of campus.  Keep it simple with sandwiches and snacks.

Check out any concerts in or near your area.  This could be a great way to discover new, local artists together.

Go rollerblading or biking together around the neighborhood.  Do it for exercise or just for fun.
hiking.jpgFind the nearest nature trail and go on a hike.  Take advantage of the scenery and snap some photos.

Rent a paddle boat or canoe and spend a day at a lake.  You can even go fishing if you're feeling lucky.

Get a hold of a telescope and check out the sky at night.  Make a list of constellations you want to find and check them off when you do.

If you have any ideas to share please feel free to leave a comment!

hi, hello.

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"Chivalry is dead."  I hear this often but I don't believe it's dead just yet, simply on life support.  

My name is Marlene Rivera.  I am 22 years old and a journalism major at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  

Since I'm a major romantic, I decided to have this blog be about dating and relationships.

I believe there are certain actions that could be done by both genders to save whatever it is we call this type of dating society today's world experiences.  

I'd like to go back and see how prior generations approached this matter and compare it to the way dating works in today's society.


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