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So, the pescatarian lifestyle is not for everyone and this brief interview proves it.  After interviewing Stephany Baldwin, we can learn that not everyone is willing to make the transition to a healthier lifestyle.




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Here is a list of some famous people who are getting pescy!


Jillian Michaels

weight-loss-secrets-of-biggest-losers-jillian-michaels-21294836.jpg Photo courtesy of www.obesitycures.com

Jack Lalanne

imagesCAJLS5P4.jpg Photo courtesy of www.davedraper.com

Ariana Grande

imagesCA4R70KC.jpg Photo courtesy of www.getglue.com

Nicole Anderson

imagesCA6IADIT.jpg Photo courtesy of www.missexclusive.com

Bill Clinton

imagesCAG903PT.jpg Photo courtesy of www.mediaite.com

Tracy Chapman

imagesCAA3B428.jpg Photo courtesy of www.celebs101.com

Mary Tyler Moore

images.jpg Photo courtesy of www.gossipstyles.com

Ted Danson

imagesCAFVRIWZ.jpg Photo courtesy of www.zimbio.com

David Duchovny

imagesCACCQF76.jpg Photo courtesy of www.imdb.com


The rest of the list can be found at www.321natural.com


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Love sushi but don't know where to find any decent sushi places in Indiana, Pa.?  Well, look no more.  Sinobi Express in the Indiana Mall has a wide variety of reasonably priced sushi for everyone to enjoy.


I was so impressed with my visit to Sinobi Express this week, I wanted to share my experience.


We started our meal with a bowl of Miso Soup for $1.75.  The soup consisted of soy bean soup with tofu.









Now, for the sushi!

Lightening Roll $7.50


rock and roll lightening roll.png








Alaska Roll $6.50

Salmon, avacado and cucumber

(Alaska Roll on top plate)

alaska and cali.png








California Roll $5.00

crabstick, avacado and cucumber

(California Roll on bottom plate)


Spicey Tuna Roll $5.50

(Spicey Tuna Roll on top plate)

spicey tuna and rock and roll.png








Rock & Roll Roll $7.50

boiled shrimp, cream cheese and cucumber

(Rock & Roll Roll on bottom plate)


All of the rolls (and soup) were extremely delicious and I can't wait to go back and eat there again!


Here is a photo of the menu so you can see what else Sinobi Express has to offer!





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