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Well, the interest in a TeX group seems to be dying out. I have a page from a Calculus book to practice duplicating in TeX if anyone is interested.  In the meantime I'll be happy to answer your TeX questions or point you to someone else who can.

Fundamental Theorem of Calculus from Anton, Bivens, Davis

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Interesting to see you working on this. There's a (vaguely) similar interest in structured markup within English and other humanities fields; it's called Markdown.

At the DHC (, we're working on an open source toolkit which may include the "converter" Pandoc. We've chosen it to serve Markdown users who write in a plain text editor and then want to convert to doc, pdf, etc. But I believe it also works with LaTex.

How do you process your Tex files? Would you like to take Pandoc for a spin and tell us if it would work for your uses?

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