Indiana Roads in Disrepair

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In 2010, the Reason Foundation published its "19th Annual Report on the Performance of State Highway Systems." The report lists Pennsylvania as 38th on the list on the quality and performance of state highways.
Some Indiana locals said it's not just Pennsylvania's highways that need repair, but also the streets in Indiana.

Scott M. Lewis, 21, of Indiana, said the roads east of Wayne Avenue including Washington Street, Grant Street and School Street are in disrepair. Lewis said potholes have damaged his car frequently requiring three wheel alignments in the last year and a half.

Likewise, Julie R. Reed, 26, of Indiana, said workers repair roads frequently but the results are usually temporary and side streets are left in disrepair.

"Let's not even talk about 119," Reed said April 28 in an interview.

Reed gave her opinion on local roads in the following audio interview.
Julie Reed Interview by Mike Sullivan 8

Below is a slideshow of road damage found on Eighth Street, School Street and East Olive Street in Indiana and repair work on Philadelphia Street.

(Road damage on Indiana streets - taken by Michael Sullivan)

Lastly, to show what I believe is the worst road in Indiana, I drove along Medlar Drive behind Copper Beech Townhomes until it connects to Acorn Avenue. Below is the video I shot using my iPhone 4. Note the bouncing in the video created by the bumpiness of the road.

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