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An Introduction

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Welcome to Indiana Under Review, the blog geared toward exposing issues at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and its surrounding community.

My name is Michael Sullivan. I am a senior journalism major at IUP about to take the plunge into post-college life.

For any who has lived in Indiana, Pa., it may seem like the student and local communities are inexplicably separate. Before I leave Indiana for good, I want this blog to help bridge the gap between students and residents, to create a forum for progress and conversation.

With this blog, I plan to discuss with readers the social, economic and questionable problems in the community. Any topic is fair game. If it sets off the bullshit meter, it qualifies.

My goal is to not only provide quality information to readers, but also, to create a discussion through which all readers can not only comment but actively participate in the process.

If there any topics, questions, concerns or comments, I can be reached through the following:

E-mail: kgqr@iup.edu
Twitter: @M_A_Sullivan

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

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