Top 5 International Festivals

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By Eden Kahle


Blog- Top 5 Festivals - KaZantip Photo.jpgWhere: Popovka, Crimean Peninsula, Ukrain

When: End of July- End of August

Genres: Techno, Trance and House Music

KaZantip lasts for five to six weeks and is known as the "Woodstock of the East." Over 150,000 people attend each year.


Boom Festival

Where: Idanha-a-Nova Lake, Portugal

When: Last Week of July- First Week in August

Genres: Electronic and Psychedelic

Boom lasts one week and is held near the Ponsul River in Portugal. The festival is often compared to Burning Man, an American festival held in Nevada. It offers many shops and recreational activities: music, art, yoga and theater. Over 30,000 people typically attend and 100 underground artists perform at Boom every year.


Electronic Daisy Carnival

Where: Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Las Vegas, Nevada

When: End of June

Genres: Electronic

The two day festival features electro music, rides and nonstop parties. This annual event is considered one of the world's largest electronic festivals, apart from festivals in Europe. Around 180,000 people attend each year. EDC festivals are also held in Denver, Dallas, and Puerto Rico.




Where: Oakland, California

When: Mid-September

Genres: Electronic

LovEvolution is a daylong parade and festival that was modeled after the German Love Parade. It's the largest electronic event in the United States and draws in 120,000 people from all over the world. The event begins with a parade, which ends at an auditorium where performances then take place.



Where: Amsterdam Arena, Amsterdam, Netherlands

When: First Saturday in July

Genres: House & Electronic

Sensation features shows, acrobats, light shows and fireworks. Everyone in attendance has to wear white and the arena has a "white-out" d├ęcor as well. About 30,000 people attend every year.  Sensation Festivals are also held in Russia, Brazil, London, Barcelona, Copenhagen and Dusseldorf.

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