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Top 5 International Festivals

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By Eden Kahle


Blog- Top 5 Festivals - KaZantip Photo.jpgWhere: Popovka, Crimean Peninsula, Ukrain

When: End of July- End of August

Genres: Techno, Trance and House Music

KaZantip lasts for five to six weeks and is known as the "Woodstock of the East." Over 150,000 people attend each year.


Donald Trump, Twitter, and Election 2012.

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By Matthew L. Bullions

Celebrities have been misguidedly thinking for years that people care what they have to say. Twitter has only fueled their narcissistic fire. Twitter allows one to think that the people reading their thoughts are hanging on their every word. Granted, there are people who truly can't wait to hear what a famous public figure has to say. I admittedly got very excited that one time where Roseanne Barr retweeted me. However, the average person couldn't care less what a famous person has to say about current events


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