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April 4, 2013

An opinion

Janice Dembosky.jpg

Janice Dembosky. (Submitted photo)




By Janice Dembosky


U.S. Rep. Bill Shuster's  March 24  "Beware the Ides of March" article in The Indiana Gazette brings to mind another Shakespearean quote:  "Talking isn't doing . . . words are not deeds."  


Rep. Shuster's words are not unique.  It's the usual Republican rhetoric:  By magic they will cut taxes, cut spending (on programs for the middle class), cut the deficit, create jobs and all will be well.  

November 2, 2012

An opinion


By Jake Williams


Timothy "The Oak Grove Preacher" Metcalf is required to fill out a monthly permit at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania Center for Student Life to preach on what he calls "a grassy knoll" between Leonard and Wilson halls, he said in an Oct. 11 interview in a Davis Hall classroom.


That same day in the Oak Grove, members of the Secular Student Alliance, regarded as a "special interest organization" by IUP, were distributing a survey questionnaire to gauge public opinion about "Oak Grove preachers."


"We have constructed this survey in such a way as to gain an unbiased consensus by polling the faculty/staff/students," the questionnaire reads. "The information you submit will be combined and copied, then mailed to the IUP President, as well as the aforementioned men who preach to the IUP community."


However, the document narrows allowable responses.


October 30, 2012

An Opinion

Peter Broad.jpg 

Peter Broad, professor emeritus, Indiana University of Pennsylvania; member, Indiana Borough Council. Photo by David Loomis



By Peter Broad

Indiana University of Pennsylvania students: Are you unsure about whether to vote or for whom?  Do vote. And when you do, consider the following:


 --- Are you carried on your parents' insurance until age 26?  President Obama's Affordable Health Care Act guarantees this coverage.  His opponent has vowed to repeal it on his "first day" in office.


--- Want affordable access to contraceptive services?  President Obama supports mandatory insurance coverage for contraceptive services and funding for Planned Parenthood, the primary provider of services to low income and uninsured women.  His opponent vows to repeal health care reform and to stop federal funding for Planned Parenthood on his "first day"  in office. 


--- Need low interest student loans to finance your education?   President Obama doubled funding for Pell Grants, capped federal student loan repayments at 10 percent of income, and implemented loan forgiveness for students who have paid on loans for years. His opponent suggests you borrow money from your parents.


--- Do you sometimes carry a balance on your credit card or miss paying on time?  President Obama's Credit Card Reform Act prevents raising interest  rates on existing balances, limits late fees to $25, and requires full disclosure of  costs.  His opponent pledges to repeal all financial reforms on his "first day" in office.  He has yet to explain his own version of financial reform.


--- Want a job when you graduate?  Under President Obama's administration, jobs are increasing and unemployment is dropping.  His opponent claims he will create millions of new jobs, but when he was governor of Massachusetts, the state was fourth from the bottom in job creation.   However, in the private sector, he created many new jobs - those he outsourced to other countries.


President Obama has signed laws that benefit students and their parents.  His opponent has planned a big first day in office: He will repeal them all and implement unspecified alternatives.  The choice is clear.


Finally:  Those registered to vote in Pennsylvania are NOT required to show photo identification -- unless it is your first time at that polling place.  Your I-card or drivers' license will be accepted.


Do your homework, read more about the issues (at FactCheck.org, for example), find out where you vote, and get out and vote!


Peter Broad is an IUP professor emeritus, a resident of Indiana borough and a member of the Indiana Borough Council.


October 22, 2012

An Opinion


John Minda.jpg 

John A. "Hot Dog John" Minda. Photo by David Loomis


By Corrie Whitmer


For eight years now, Indiana residents have been visiting John A. "Hot Dog John" Minda's downtown hot dog cart for a quick meal and some conversation.  But for the third time in those eight years, Minda's license is at risk, and not because of anything he did.


Minda was the first person to get a transient vendor license in Indiana, in 2004. Now, other people are applying for licenses to run food trucks, and the council is, once again, trying to decide whether they will continue allowing food carts and trucks to operate  in the borough of Indiana. Minda is, once again, caught in the middle.

March 20, 2012

An Opinion

Gerald Smith.jpg  Gerald E. Smith


By Gerald E. Smith


At the Wednesday night, March 14, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection hearing in Homer City on the proposed scrubbers at the Homer City Power Plant, I was among the small group of community members who, thanks to inflammatory remarks from state Sen. Don White, R-Indiana, had to be escorted to the parking lot by security guards for our own protection.


Before that, I heard speaker after speaker state what I know is true -- that folks in Indiana County are hard-working, skilled people who deserve family-wage jobs. I live in Indiana with my family. I support community growth and organized labor, and I appreciate that nothing builds community like good jobs.

October 27, 2011





Everett Dembosky

By Everett Dembosky


In view of the 99% protests going on in the country, I was encouraged to hear state Rep. David Reed say early in his Oct. 13 town hall meeting in Clymer, Pa., that there are two things he wants to end in Pennsylvania:  corporate greed and tax loopholes.


My hopes were dashed when he addressed drilling for natural gas in the Marcellus shale: "I favor the impact fee [instead of a severance tax] because it goes directly to the areas where the drilling is going on," Reed said. "Why should Philadelphians benefit from drilling that's not happening in their backyards?" 

June 11, 2010

Editor, The HawkEye:


Here is a copy of my letter to IUP President Tony Atwater in response to his June 9 resignation announcement (Editor's note: see copy of Dr. Atwater's email, below):


(Dear) Tony,
Once again, your flowery letter about yourself and your exploits reflects your total and likely deliberate lack of engagement with the university as a whole, from students to staff to faculty. But your "accomplishments" are seen in the IUP community as the reckless indulgences of a man ripe with greed and ambition and devoid of logic and restraint.


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