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April 8, 2011


IUP SGA President David C. Bivens, left; IUP journalism professor Patricia Heilman, Ph.D., right. Photo by David Loomis













On April 3, 2011, "Global Alert" featured analysis of a recent controversy over funding, content and management of the IUP campus newspaper The Penn. One of our two guests stood at the center of the controversy -- David C. Bivens, president of the IUP Student Government Association and member of the Student Cooperative Association board and finance committee. Bivens led the effort to deny funding for the 85-year-old newspaper.

The story was broken in The HawkEye  and followed up in The Penn and The Indiana Gazette.

Our second guest was professor Patricia Heilman, Ph.D., a member of the IUP Journalism Department faculty since 1983.

Our podcast of the live interviews is cut short because of technical difficulties. Listen here A01 Track 1.mp3 to hear most of the segment. 

November 8, 2010


Drilling-rig photo from the IUP Marcellus Shale Week website































Track: Marcellus Shale.mp3 


Last week, "Global Alert" previewed the Nov. 3-5 Indiana University of Pennsylvania symposium on economic, environmental and political issues involved in drilling for natural gas in the Marcellus shale formation in Pennsylvania's bedrock a mile underground.


This week, we review a highlight of the week's events - the Nov. 3 screening in Eberly Auditorium of the award-winning documentary film "Gasland" and the panel discussion and debate that followed. "Global Alert" producers Garritt Fleming, Rob Miller and Kevin Smith recorded and reported the action and reaction.

October 25, 2010



Dr. Amanda Poole, an IUP anthropology professor and an organizer of the event, and state Rep. Dave Reed discuss the Nov. 3-5 Marcellus shale drilling symposium, Oct. 24, 2010. Photo by David Loomis

















Track: MarcellusShaleSymposium.mp3

The program previewed the Indiana University of Pennsylvania  Marcellus Shale Symposium scheduled for venues on campus and around Indiana on Nov. 3-5.

Guests included:

  • State Rep. Dave Reed, R-Indiana County, and
  • IUP anthropology professor Amanda Poole, Ph.D., a symposium organizer

Recorded interviews with members of the Indiana County League of Women Voters' Marcellus Shale Committee also were aired.

The Oct. 24 "Global Alert" show is the second on the subject of Marcellus shale drilling for natural gas in western Pennsylvania. The first program aired  Nov. 15, 2009.

October 12, 2010


IUP biology student George E. Tickerhoof III is helping to install a "green roof" atop Weyandt Hall. Tickerhoof and his collaborator, IUP biology professor Timothy J. Nuttle, were interviewed on the 10/10/10 edition of "Global Alert." Photo by David Loomis





















Track: Environmental Projects .mp3

The third show of the "Global Alert" fall season fell on Oct. 10, 2010 - 10/10/10. This day coincided with worldwide environmental demonstrations coordinated by, a non-profit environmental group devoted to action on global climate change.  

The 10/10/10 "Global Alert" show focused on two environmental projects at IUP:

  •       a plan to install by next year a "green roof" atop Weyandt Hall, the sciences building at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and
  •             a question about IUP's recycling program:  Are the university's plastic and metal beverage containers being dumped in the county landfill?

"Global Alert" producers interviewed two campus experts on the green-roof project -- IUP biology professor Timothy J.  Nuttle and biology student George E. Tickerhoof.

"Global Alert" producers also interviewed journalism student Elizabeth A. Proffitt, who is working on an investigative story for The HawkEye . The story is looking at a discrepancy between what Indiana County officials document and what IUP officials say about campus recyclables. Are they being dumped in the landfill?

The show concludes with a 10/10/10 commentary by "Global Alert" producer Jessica Potter.

September 27, 2010



IUP Student Government Association Vice President Andrew Longacre, left, and President David Bivens outside the WIUP-FM studio where they were interviewed on the "Global Alert" program, Sept. 26, 2010.















Listen to the hour-long show LongacreBivensRecording.mp3.

IUP Student Government Association President David Bivens and Vice President Andrew Longacre were interviewed live on the Global Alert show aired Sept. 26, 2010, on WIUP-FM.

The 2010-2011 student-government officers  responded to criticism of the SGA from a former member, answered students' questions and addressed a widespread lack of awareness of SGA among constituents. 

September 13, 2010



IUP interim President David J. Werner responds to questions from producers of "Global Alert" during the semester's first show of the season on Sept. 12, 2010. Dr. Werner discussed controversies from the administration of his predecessor, former IUP President Tony Atwater, and physical changes occurring around campus.


















"While You Were Gone ...": This first-of-the-fall-season show of the award-winning "Global Alert" news program on WIUP-FM inventories the physical changes around campus during the summer of 2010.

The campus also had a personnel change. IUP President Tony Atwater resigned June 9 after five controversy-wracked years. On Aug. 1, interim President David J. Werner moved into the chief executive job in Sutton Hall. This is his second interim posting at IUP: He served as interim provost in 2007-2008 following Atwater's suspected sacking of Provost Cheryl Samuels.

"Global Alert" producers and IUP students put wide-ranging questions to Werner, live in the studio six weeks after his return to campus.

May 12, 2010

Earth Day at 40: Mercury emissions, coal-fired power plants and Indiana County


000000001 Track 1.mp3


Four decades after the first Earth Day, the nation's air quality has improved, according to news stories published during this anniversary week. But southwestern Pennsylvania's air quality has continued to rank among the nation's worst. And according to a front-page article in the March 18 Indiana Gazette, mercury emission from the region's coal-fired power plants continue to pose serious health risks.


The Gazette article was based on a study by the Environmental Integrity Project, a Washington, D.C.-based non-profit environmental group. The study examined emissions data from 2007-2008, the latest year for which data are available. And the study concluded that two local coal-fired power plants upwind from Indiana rank among the nation's 50 worst for mercury emissions.


To discuss mercury emissions from the region's coal-fired power plants and their adverse effects on humans and wildlife, "Global Alert" interviewed two experts on opposing sides of the issue:


  • Heather Sage, vice president of PennFuture, a Pennsylvania-based non-profit environmental group with offices in Pittsburgh and other cities across the commonwealth.
  • James Lafontaine, manager of the Keystone Generating Station near Shelocta, rated the nation's 10th worst mercury-emitting coal-fired power plant.


March 31, 2010


"Global Alert" producer Mike Wilson hands off the PAB award to communications media professor Zachary J. Stiegler, Ph.D., faculty adviser to WIUP-FM, Davis Hall, May 7, 2010. Photo by David Loomis.















INDIANA -- The Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters has honored for excellence a student-produced news program aired on WIUP-FM (90.1).

"Global Alert," a live hour-long Sunday-morning show sponsored by the Indiana University of Pennsylvania chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, won the association's Outstanding Radio Public Affairs Program award in its 2010 Excellence in Broadcasting Competition. The Hummelstown-based association announced the award in a March 24 release.

March 29, 2010


U.S. Census comes to Indiana, Pa.

Preview of March 31 IUP journalism symposium on the 2009 Pennsylvania Right to Know Law.

MeganGuza.jpg Megan Guza, IUP sophomore majoring in journalism and criminology, from Bentleyville, Pa. On the March 21, 2010, "Global Alert" program, Guza discussed her investigative reporting using the Pennsylvania Right to Know Law.


Jeff Raykes, chief planner, Indiana County Office of Planning and Development, discusses local U.S. Census issues during a March 21, 2010, "Global Alert" program segment on the 2010 Census. With Raykes is daughter Adelaide Love Raykes. Photos by David Loomis.




















101 Track 1.mp3

101 Track 2.mp3

101 Track 4.mp3

101 Track 5.mp3 


1)      On March 16, federal and local officials descended on Indiana University of Pennsylvania to remind residents about the decennial U.S. Census questionnaire that was arriving in mailboxes nationwide that week. Their message: Fill out and return the Census form based on where you reside on April 1. If that's on the IUP campus, then students should so indicate on the 10-question Census form.


One local official who reinforced this message is Jeff Raykes, chief planner for Indiana County's Office of Planning and Development. Raykes joined "Global Alert" in the WIUP-FM studio for the March 21 program segment on the local angle on the 2010 census.

February 21, 2010


00000001 Track 1.mp3   Black History Month Edition: The racial climate at IUP.



Mr. Terry Appolonia, IUP dean of students, responds to questions during a Black History Month edition of "Global Alert" on WIUP-FM. The Feb. 21, 2010, show focused on the racial climate at the university's Indiana and Punxsutawney campuses.

TheoTurner AsstDeanIUP Punxsy 022110.jpg

Mr. Theodore G. Turner, assistant dean at the Punxsutawney campus of IUP, during the Feb. 21, 2010, "Global Alert" show.

Student MarkThompkins 022110.jpg Mark A. Thompkins, IUP communications media student, recounts experiences at both the Indiana and the Punxsutawney campuses.

A recent documentary film about racial tensions on and around IUP campuses in Indiana and Punxsutawney reportedly has sparked some tension in Sutton Hall, the university's administrative center. Today's show includes a review of the film and an interview with its co-producer. Four guests discuss the race climate on campus.

They are:  Mr. Tony Appolonia, dean of students at IUP, Mr. Theodore G. Turner, assistant dean at the Punxsutawney campus; Student Jared Sims, president of the IUP chapter of the NAACP; Mark A Thompkins, a student who has attended IUP at both the Punxsutawney and the Indiana  campuses


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