May 10, 2012

Indiana's roads to ruin

A pothole review


By Michael A. Sullivan


In 2010, the Reason Foundation published its "19th Annual Report on the Performance of State Highway Systems."  The report lists Pennsylvania as 38th on the list in rakings of quality and performance of state highways.


Some Indiana locals responded that it's not just Pennsylvania's highways that need repair. It's also Indiana borough's streets.

Scott M. Lewis, 21, of Indiana, said the roads east of Wayne Avenue -- including Washington, Grant and School streets -- are in disrepair. Lewis said potholes have damaged his car frequently, requiring three wheel alignments in the past year and a half.

Likewise, Julie R. Reed, 26, of Indiana, said side streets are often left in disrepair. Workers repair main roads frequently. But the results are usually temporary. Among the worst, she
said, is U.S. Route 119.  

"Let's not even talk about 119," Reed said April 28 in an interview.

Reed did talk about other local roads in an audio interview:


Julie Reed Interview by Mike Sullivan 8

Pictures of potholes in Eighth, School, East Olive and Philadelphia streets illustrate comments by Reed and Lewis:


Roads in Indiana - slideshows
Photos by Michael A. Sullivan

However, one local road may be the worst of them all.  


Danielle A. Uhron, a junior journalism major at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, said she and a friend were driving one night last month along Medlar Drive where it connects to Acorn Avenue behind Copper Beech Townhomes. Uhron said it was dark and stormy when she hit a large pothole on Medlar, flattening both driver-side tires.


Cost of two new replacement tires: nearly $400, Uhron said.


"We didn't take that road for the longest time after that," Uhron said in a May 3 interview.


But I did.

Below is a video shot with an iPhone 4 that shows a recent daytime daredevil ride down Medlar Drive. For the record, it is the bumps and potholes that produce the shaky video, not me.



Michael A. Sullivan, a senior majoring in journalism at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, is from Easton, Pa.

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