October 26, 2011

Photo essay: Demonstration at IUP's Eberly College of Business

Students and faculty rallied in front of the business school at Indiana University of Pennsylvania on Oct. 12 in support of a student who said a professor there had criticized her professed homosexuality during a Sept. 26 class attended by five students.

Photographer Heather Tabacchi, a communications media major, captured the event, the protesters and their posters in support of lesbian Christina I. "Nina" Santiago, 22, a graduate student seeking a master's degree in business administration at Eberly College of Business.

The incident is under investigation, campus administrators said.


Christina Santiago (right) and partner, IUP junior undergraduate sociology major Gina M. Szepesi (left), pose in front of supporters outside IUP's Eberly College of Business, Oct. 12.


Szepsi (right) reacts to remarks to protesters by Dr. Robert C. Camp, Dean of Eberly College of Business, as Santiago restrains her, Oct. 12.


IUP communications media student Ashley A. Bish holds a sign quoting IUP's Statement of Nondiscrimination


Julia A. Brown, freshman art major, reflects the message "H8 is unnatural".


IUP philosophy major Sarah J. Jordan, Eberly, Oct. 12.


IUP management student Julie A. Perri, Eberly, Oct. 12..


Santiago and Szepesi embrace before a supportive crowd, Eberly, Oct. 12..















All photos by Heather Tabacchi








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