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May 20, 2011

By Danielle Betts


INDIANA -- Codi L. Holstein, an Indiana University of Pennsylvania sophomore early-childhood-education major, never thought her professor would notice when she copied and pasted information straight from a website into an English 121/ Humanities Literature paper during spring semester 2010.



"My teacher noticed that some of my information used for my paper came directly from," said Holstein during a Feb. 12 interview in Wallwork Suites. "I knew I was plagiarizing because I was using someone else's ideas and thoughts and making them my own. I just never thought my teacher would notice."

May 20, 2011


IUP student Stephen W. Mack: "Some Indiana University of Pennsylvania students say they think they have a right to a parking space on campus, right next to their classes." Photo by David Loomis

By Kara Holtzman


INDIANA -- Stephen W. Mack, 21, a junior criminology major, is going green instead of getting mad about commuting to campus.


 "Some Indiana University of Pennsylvania students say they think they have a right to a parking space on campus, right next to their classes," said Mack in a Feb. 4 interview at his University Square apartment on Grant Street.


Mack said he goes green by walking or biking his way around Indiana. Or he takes local public transportation - the IndiGO shuttle bus.


"Students think they deserve a parking spot every day," said Mack. "I take the IndiGO almost every day.  It's just so convenient."

May 19, 2011


The Jimmy Stewart Museum, Philadelphia Street, Indiana, Pa. Photo by Mark Daniel Anderson.


By Brenna Bonfiglio


INDIANA -- Timothy F. Harley, executive director of The Jimmy Stewart Museum, sits in an office filled with memorabilia of the late actor from Indiana.


He glances out his window that overlooks Philadelphia Street and the S&T Bank, formerly a hardware store owned by Stewart's father. This is the same store window where Stewart displayed his Oscar for several years after winning it in 1940 ("The Philadelphia Story," Best Actor in a Leading Role).


Harley remembers the way Stewart gave back to the community. And now he wants to sustain the museum for him. He ponders the financial future of the museum and brainstorms ways to keep it open.

May 17, 2011


Malinda M. Cowles, associate director, IUP Center for Student Life: "Students don't get good information."

By Brittany Malone   

INDIANA -- Andre J. Goddard, a junior at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, says he has had sex with four women since the start of the 2010-2011 academic year.


"School is stressful," the journalism major said in an Oct 21 interview in the Hadley Union Building. "Sex is a release."


Goddard is one of 90 IUP students who responded to an October 2010 survey of their sexual behaviors. (See survey sidebar, below.) He said he has had sex with 30 females since he became active at age 16. And he regularly gets tested for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).


More than 1,000 of IUP's 15,000 students were screened for STDs between September 2009 and September 2010, according to an email from Scott R. Gibson, health director at IUP's Center for Health and Well-Being.

May 12, 2011


Tracey A. Glorioso, communications media major, IUP, Davis Hall. "I think it sounds like we have a long way to go still. But I don't know how confident I feel in students rallying effectively." Photo by David Loomis.

By Elyse Shirley


INDIANA - In his March 8 budget address, Pennsylvania's new Republican Gov. Tom Corbett called for the deepest cut in state spending on higher education in U.S. history.


"I am ... calling on employees in the State System of Higher Education to consider sacrifice," he said. "I ask nothing more of our best educated people than to face up to a hard economic reality."


The reality, according to Corbett, means cutting higher education funds in half, starting as soon as July 1. In 2010-2011, the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education received $503 million from the state; the 2011-2012 budget proposes allocating $233 million to PASSHE - a 53.8 percent cut.


Since the announcement, a flurry of confusion and shock has swept students, faculty, administrators and legislators. Peter Roquemore, 21, political science major at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, was among the former.


"My initial reaction was confusion," said Roquemore in an April 13 interview. "I didn't know what it meant."


Faculty members also express dismay.


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