April 8, 2011

Global Alert -- April 3, 2011


IUP SGA President David C. Bivens, left; IUP journalism professor Patricia Heilman, Ph.D., right. Photo by David Loomis













On April 3, 2011, "Global Alert" featured analysis of a recent controversy over funding, content and management of the IUP campus newspaper The Penn. One of our two guests stood at the center of the controversy -- David C. Bivens, president of the IUP Student Government Association and member of the Student Cooperative Association board and finance committee. Bivens led the effort to deny funding for the 85-year-old newspaper.

The story was broken in The HawkEye  and followed up in The Penn and The Indiana Gazette.

Our second guest was professor Patricia Heilman, Ph.D., a member of the IUP Journalism Department faculty since 1983.

Our podcast of the live interviews is cut short because of technical difficulties. Listen here A01 Track 1.mp3 to hear most of the segment. 

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