May 26, 2010

Why freshmen are required to live on campus at IUP

By Lindsey Jakubovic


Freshmen at Indiana University of Pennsylvania are required to live in campus housing. Darian D. Stewart, a sophomore at IUP, has no objection.


"I definitely think they should have to because not everyone is mature enough to deal with the responsibilities of living on their own," said Stewart in an April 23 e-mail interview.  "If I didn't have to live in the residence halls freshman year, I probably would have dropped out because of stress alone."

IUP's Housing and Residence Life Web site gives three reasons why students are required to live on campus: to support student academic success, to enhance student development and to assist students in making a smooth transition to university life.


The only freshmen exempt from the on-campus-residency requirement are those who, according to the Web site, commute no more than 50 miles from the home of their parents or guardian, are married, have dependent children living with them, are veterans of military service or are students age 21 or older.


But for those freshmen who must live on campus, the requirement comes at a premium. The bill for residing in a new residence hall can total as much as $7,000 for an academic year, according to the Web site . In recent years, the cost of living on campus has increased by at least 80 percent. 


Mike Lemasters, IUP's director of housing and resident life, said the on-campus-residency requirement benefits new students.


"The typical 18-year-old freshman already has enough transition from high school to college without the transition from living with their parents to living completely on their own," said Lemasters in an April 21 interview.


But the requirement has been occasional. And its 2006 re-adoption coincided with the start of construction of the now nearly completed $270 million construction project to build new suite-style on-campus housing. 


"IUP had it for a while, then it went away, then we brought it back," Lemasters said. "We can support it much better now with the building of the new suites."


-- Lindsey Jakubovic is a junior journalism major from Pittsburgh, Pa.


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Michael Lemasters


Housing and Residence Life

Suites on Maple West, Suite G-37

1099 Maple Street

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