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May 28, 2010

Davenport.jpg IUP student Robert Davenport collects his mail at his off-campus apartment. Photo by Rachael Parker


By Rachael Parker


INDIANA -- Robert N. Davenport doesn't want to live in an apartment building full of college students. Unfortunately for Davenport, a senior economics major at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, many Indiana borough home owners don't want him moving into their neighborhood, either. And recent zoning changes in Indiana Borough are making it even harder for students to rent houses off campus, while enrollment at IUP continues to climb.

May 26, 2010

By Lindsey Jakubovic


Freshmen at Indiana University of Pennsylvania are required to live in campus housing. Darian D. Stewart, a sophomore at IUP, has no objection.


"I definitely think they should have to because not everyone is mature enough to deal with the responsibilities of living on their own," said Stewart in an April 23 e-mail interview.  "If I didn't have to live in the residence halls freshman year, I probably would have dropped out because of stress alone."

May 26, 2010

AdamNorris.jpg Adam T. Norris, (IUP, '09) listed as president of IUP's chapter of Students for Concealed Carry on Campus, in a photo published on his Facebook page; published with permission.


























By Rachael Parker


Sam Gupta, 22, of Pittsburgh, runs errands like other recent college graduates living in the city. He pumps gas, buys groceries and gets his hair cut. The only difference: He takes his gun with him.

May 24, 2010

Humans vs. Zombies vs. suits




By Emily L. Mross


INDIANA - On March 21, 2009, scores of students wearing headbands bearing the letters "HvZ" wandered the campus at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. They were playing a game called Humans vs. Zombies.


Erica D. Ritenour, 20, a junior English major and IUP HvZ secretary, said 77 students participated in that first run of the game on IUP campus.


"I saw a Facebook group about HvZ that my friends created," said Ritenour during a March 29 interview in the lounge of Leonard Hall. "It looked cool, so I decided to find out more."


Ritenour said Brittany A. Viens, a sophomore English major and IUP HvZ president, started the first game after seeing the official HvZ Web site.


IUP HvZ's problems began when two players in the first game broke a rule against entering campus buildings.

May 20, 2010

KKK Photo.jpg Shaquille Howard,16, left, with brother Chauncy Howard,17. Photo: submitted


By Alyssa Choiniere


Joe and Mary Walbeck of West Wheatfield Township lived peacefully in their predominantly white neighborhood until Nov. 15, 2009, when they found the remnants of a 6-foot cross burned in their yard.


The Walbecks are white parents of an adopted black son, Shaquille Howard, 16, who came to live with the family three years ago, according to Mary Walbeck.


"We just fell in love with him," said Walbeck from her home in a Feb. 18 phone interview. "We didn't want him to leave."

May 20, 2010

By Dara Fennell and Paul Shade


INDIANA - College-student complaints about the Indiana area are common. But few bother to do anything about it. Like vote. 


"As soon as I leave, I'm probably never coming back," said Indiana University of Pennsylvania student Zachary W. Fish in a Feb. 28 interview at an Indiana home.  "Why should I get to vote?"


Lori Rittle, an Indiana resident of 39 years, said many community members feel the same about the students.

May 12, 2010

Earth Day at 40: Mercury emissions, coal-fired power plants and Indiana County


000000001 Track 1.mp3


Four decades after the first Earth Day, the nation's air quality has improved, according to news stories published during this anniversary week. But southwestern Pennsylvania's air quality has continued to rank among the nation's worst. And according to a front-page article in the March 18 Indiana Gazette, mercury emission from the region's coal-fired power plants continue to pose serious health risks.


The Gazette article was based on a study by the Environmental Integrity Project, a Washington, D.C.-based non-profit environmental group. The study examined emissions data from 2007-2008, the latest year for which data are available. And the study concluded that two local coal-fired power plants upwind from Indiana rank among the nation's 50 worst for mercury emissions.


To discuss mercury emissions from the region's coal-fired power plants and their adverse effects on humans and wildlife, "Global Alert" interviewed two experts on opposing sides of the issue:


  • Heather Sage, vice president of PennFuture, a Pennsylvania-based non-profit environmental group with offices in Pittsburgh and other cities across the commonwealth.
  • James Lafontaine, manager of the Keystone Generating Station near Shelocta, rated the nation's 10th worst mercury-emitting coal-fired power plant.


May 10, 2010

wakefield.jpg James G. Wakefield gestures at the barricaded entrance to the IUP campus at South 11th Street and Oakland Avenue, April 13, 2010. Photo by Josh Mosse


By Josh Mosse


INDIANA -- James G. Wakefield, a former public relations photographer at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, has a problem with a street closure.


The entrance to the IUP campus at South 11th Street at Oakland Avenue was closed to traffic by the university's Council of Trustees in September 2004 at the start of renovations to Cogswell Hall.

But IUP kept South 11th closed to traffic after the Cogswell construction project concluded.  And administrators closed other streets as well -- Pratt Drive between Locust Street and Grant Street following construction of Wallwork Residence Hall, and Maple Street between South 11th and Pratt, according to IUP's Web site.  The closures on South 11th and Pratt are listed as "pedestrians only" areas on an April 1 IUP map. But Maple is marked as closed.

May 10, 2010

Stiles.jpg IUP Student Government Association President Alyssa M. Stiles addresses Freshman Convocation in Fisher Auditorium, Aug. 30, 2009. Photo by Brandon Oakes


By Emily Mross


INDIANA - The Indiana University of Pennsylvania Student Government Association is one of a handful of SGAs in the 14-campus Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education that has no access to a list-serv -- an e-mail listing -- of its student constituents.


SGA President Alyssa Stiles, 20, a pre-dentistry major, learned in a conference call on Feb. 11 that of the PASSHE SGAs participating in the call, the IUP SGA was the only one that had no list-serv of its own. Neither was IUP's SGA able to enlist an administrator send out an e-mail to the student body on behalf of the student government.


At IUP, all information sent to students by their elected campus representatives is limited to the Campus Events Digest, a daily list-format e-mail all students receive. But students can opt out of receiving the digest without opening it. If so, they may not receive the SGA information.

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