November 15, 2009

Global Alert! -- November 15, 2009

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Nov. 15: Marcellus shale rush. A huge natural-gas-rich formation a mile underground has drawn deep-drilling energy prospectors to Indiana County (and to other regions of the state and surrounding states). The rush has raised environmental concerns.


The show hosted three guests -- the head of a long-time drilling-services company in Indiana County and two members of the Indiana County League of Women Voters' study committee on Marcellus shale drilling. Mary Beth Sweeney and Susan McClure represented the League. And the third guest, Paul Hart, is president of Hart Resource Technologies in Creekside.



"Global Alert" is a student-reported and -produced radio program that airs on WIUP-FM (90.1) every other Sunday morning during academic semesters at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. The program is sponsored by the IUP chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. 

The program focuses on global issues that have a community impact in Indiana County, Pennsylvania. The organizing principle of "Global Alert" is "think global and act local."

Fall 2009 programs have focused on:

n  Sept. 27, Oct. 11: political and environmental controversy surrounding the White's Woods recreational forest in White Township

n  Nov. 1: a proposed $5-per-student-per-semestter "green fee" proposed for the IUP campus by a student environmental group

n  Nov. 15:  the natural-gas-drilling boom associated with the Marcellus shale formation underlying Indiana County

n  Dec. 6: changing war policy on U.S. involvement in Afghanistan, featuring IUP political science professor Gawdat Bahgat, Ph.D.


To contact "Global Alert," email IUP faculty adviser David O. Loomis, Ph.D., at or phone the IUP Journalism Department  at 724-357-4411.


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